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Why Do Matric Rewrite?

Below are some of the questions that might relate to your situation as to why do matric rewrite and more importantly why choose Technical Matric Senior Certificate  compared to the current CAPS National Senior Certificate being offered by the Department of Education. Remember your future is important and as the current employers want Matric Senior Certificate more than before it is important to consider getting your Matric than settling for less in your life.

At Ekurhuleni Tech College we are ready to be of help to you in getting your Matric Senior Certificate. Before going further, should you still need help after reading this page, visit our offices at Unit 3, Mogale Square, Krugersdorp. or Call us on 011 040 7343 or 073 770 3028 or 060 715 4529.

If I wrote Matric before, which syllabus will I write as they has been changes?

Matric rewrite takes different formats depending on your level of commitment especially when it comes to time. Bearing in mind that the Department of Education has be changing and revising the curriculum, new changes also means somehow more work or your part. Consider the following:

  • The best Matric Senior Certificate to do is Technical Matric National Senior Certificate. You can check more information including registrations and exam time tables on Technical Matric by clicking here. The reason to opt for Technical Matric is when you need Matric mainly to get promotion at work, or to apply for a new job or position and they require Matric from you. If that is the case then Technical Matric is the best option as it is quick and less stressful. The main advantage of people who wrote Matric during this time is that they did Afrikaans as one of their languages. Technical Matric requires Afrikaans as one of the languages and this is a must do.
  • If you wrote your Matric prior to 2013, that is 2013 going backwards till 1980s, you have to write ASC (Ammended Senior Certificate). Examinations of these are conducted by the Department of Education at the ABET centres. Registrations for these exams open in August and exams are written in the next calendar year in June/July. The ASC requires you to be above 21 years old with a grade 10 or 11 report in order to qualify to register. At Ekurhuleni Tech College, we conduct contact classes for these lessons and help you register or register on your behalf at the ABET Centres we affiliate with provided all the documentation is given to us by the candidate. If however you did not pass well, you can consider doing Technical Matric which is much better and lighter than ASC.
  • If you wrote your exams after 2013 going forward, that 2014 till now, you have to write the new CAPS curriculum. If you failed many subjects or you did not get the certificate, you can also consider doing Technical Matric

What if never wrote matric at all?

  • If you never wrote Matric at all, such as you left school before you reached grade 12 for whatever reason, you can still obtain your Matric certificate. The best matric certificate to do Technical Matric. Again for more information on Technical Matric, click here. Or alternatively if you are above 21 years old you can register for the Amended CAPS.

What if I want to redo my whole Matric again?

  • If you are considering redoing your Matric again, you can do Amended CAPS or Technical Matric, but it will be difficult to do CAPS due to the fact that it is more demanding and needs full time attendance for those who are working and cannot attend full-time.

What if I am still confused on what to choose?

  • Good question. Then visit our office to help clarify things so that you take the right action. No more postponing, its time you take control of your life, as not making a decision is making the decision not to decide. Check our address above, and hope to see you. Or alternatively send us an email at

Advantages of doing Technical Matric and the support you get

Ekurhuleni Tech College have an extensive experience in conducting Technical Matric with most of the students passing their exams. The main support is through the video material that the modules come with hence many do learn through distance learning. The video material is compatible with any smart phone or smart TV.

However you can consider the following sites where you can get good notepads or laptops or computers for use in our video material by clicking here ComX Computers South Africa. ComX sells computers, laptops, PDA, printers and digital projectors to the public in Southern Africa.