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Description: Technical Matric is a Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) qualification that has an accreditation of Umalusi and has an NQF level of 04 by South African Qualifications framework. This means that the qualification of Technical Matric is equivalent to that of current National Senior Certificate.


You can now obtain your National Senior Certificate (Technical Matric N3), by completing four (4) Subjects, then adding compulsory Sake Afrikaans and Business English as two languages. Thereby giving you a total of 6 Subjects, which are required for a National Senior Certificate (Matric).

You can get your Technical Matric National Senior Certificate through Correspondence/Distance Learning or doing it part time or full time. Matric Certificate Online is currently one of the best options many people are choosing to complete their matric.

Getting a Technical Matric qualification is one of the path ways that can be taken in order to further your studies. The National Senior Certificate (Technical Matric) qualification can be used to further study for diplomas within the relevant fields which can later lead you to study for a degree or the qualification is recognized for job placement. Universities such as Tshwane University of Technology accept Technical Matric qualifications as entry levels in studying Engineering diplomas. You can visit their website to check their prospectus.

NB: For one to obtain a Technical Matric National Senior Certificate, you need to complete 6 subjects. The four (4) N3 subjects can be completed within the year and then adding Sake Afrikaans and Business English giving you a total of 6 Subjects.

Please note that Sake Afrikaans and Business English are only written in November.

The advantages of these Matric courses is that they are short term (3 months) and depending on your pace and understanding and given our system of approach towards the curriculum,  the whole matric certificate can be completed within a year.

These are the possible Matric courses/ subjects offered to obtain a Technical Matric Certificate:

These Matric courses are career – oriented courses which have a key role to play in skills development, economic growth and Job creation. They help facilitate the transition from school to the workplace and are key to one intending to follow artisanal careers. The N3 Certificates are issued by the National Department of Education and are recognised by Commerce and Industry.

Please note!

The new CAPS curriculum and the Technical Matric (N3) do not combine at all. Passing part of the CAPS and part of Technical Matric cannot be combined to form a single certificate. Students must chose either of the curriculum.

However students who wrote Matric on or before 2007 can add N3 languages Business English and Afrikaans if they are only short with languages in their subjects and combine them to gain a Matric Senior Certificate. Students who wrote Matric after 2007 will have to consider doing the Amended CAPS which is a revised curriculum though catering for the old syllabus or alternatively doing the Technical Matric.

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You can register for Matric with us by visiting our offices. If however you want to study through correspondence learning, you can do that by clicking here in Technical Matric-Correspondence where you can download the registration form and the study fees and the information you need.

Technical Matric by Correspondende- N3 Matric Online 

Register for Matric with us by completing the registration form below and emailing the supporting documents as stated in the registration form. Please note that if some of the information is not provided your registration will not be completed until all the neccessary supporting documents are supplied. You can also download the Matric courses fees to view to cost of doing the subjects.

Please ensure you read both documents and complete them and email them back to us in the following email address:


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