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Consider registering with ET College for your Technical Matric N3 in 2019. With ET College (also called Ekurhuleni Tech College we offer Technical Matric through full-time or part-time or correspondence. Join others who are doing Technical Matric through correspondence as it allows you to study from home without disrupting your everyday activities. 



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THREE different ways of solving quadratic equations-Mathematics N3

Solving quadratic equations Quadratic equations are one of the most confused equations and students tend to stress when they come across such equations. The truth of the matter is that even though these equations can be confusing at times, when you master them you...

Mechanotechnology N3 Entrepreneurship module

One of the most important module or topics in Mechanotechnology N3 is entrepreneurship module. The module helps students understand the importance of entrepreneurship. The module presents different things that an entrepreneur requires in order to start their own...

Mathematics N1 Question Paper review April 2020

Mathematics N1 Question Paper review April 2020

The Mathematics N1 question paper that was supposed to be written in April 2020 exams was postponed and written in July 2020 due to Covid 19 pandemic. Though the colleges were closed, at long last the students did get the opportunity to write the paper. In overall,...

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