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Did you know that the Old Syllabus Matric combines with easy to pass N3 Technical Matric. Did you know that if you did old syllabus matric before 2008 and passed some of the subjects you do not need to write your matric again but you can combine the subjects you passed with easy N3 Technical Matric subjects.

What is the Old Syllabus Matric

There are two classes of people who wrote old syllabus. The first common group are those who wrote their Matric on or before 2007 as well as those who wrote their matric in June exams which ended in 2014. The most common underlying term with old syllabus Matric is that it was written when it was still higher grade and standard grade. Also the passes when in symbols such as A, B, C, D, etc. If your statement has what is described above then the good news is that you can add N3 subjects to it and complete your Senior Certificate.

What is N3 Technical Matric

Technical Matric N3 is a Matric equivalent that can be obtained by passing four N3 subjects and then adding two languages (Business English and Sake Afrikaans). The certificate will be a Senior Certificate in Engineering Studies.

How does Old Syllabus combine with N3 Technical Matric

When you have some of the subjects passed in your old syllabus and you want to complete your matric you can add N3 Technical Subjects and then combine them and obtain your complete Senior Certificate. The combination is done at the Department of Education.

Complete your Old syllabus Matric certificate by adding N3 Technical subjects which are easy to do. The most common easy subjects to add are the following

These subjects are simple easy and Ekurhuleni Tech College support our registered students with extra video material which helps students to understand the modules more and it is as if they were in class.

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