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Business English and Sake Afrikaans registrations are now open for exams that will take place in November. The two languages are compulsory to do in order to combine with your four other N3 subjects in order to obtain your National Senior Certificate

What are Technical Matric requirements?

Technical Matric is a Senior Certificate equivalent to the normal Matric certificate and it is issued by Umalusi with an NQF level 4. The Senior Certificate can be obtained by completing six subjects. Four of the subjects are of your choice (Please click here to see the common subjects we offer), while the other two subjects are the compulsory Business English and Sake Afrikaans. The two languages are the only languages offered which is the only challenge of the certificate especially for those who did not do Afrikaans during their schooling. The two languages can be written as either first language or second language.

When are Business English and Sake Afrikaans exams written?

Business English and Sake Afrikaans are only offered in the November exams while other subjects can be written in March/April exams or July/August exams. The languages are open book exams making it an advantage which makes most of the students to excel well in it.

What are the requirements to register for Business English and Sake Afrikaans?

To register for Business English and Sake Afrikaans you need to complete the registration form and provide the necessary details stated in the form including paying the specified amount. We will then send you study material and the assignments that need to be completed in the course of the year and the submission dates. And of course you need to know Afrikaans as either first or second language.

Business English and Sake Africaans N3 Online through correspondence

The good news is that you can also study Business English and Sake Afrikaans through distance learning and you only come for exams in November. This means you can study at your own pace throughout the year and get enough time to master the two languages.

Also remember the two languages are open book exams and you can bring up to five sources of information to that exam. This makes even the exams more possible than what most people think.

If you need more information regarding these subjects do not hesitate to inquire more by leaving a comment below or alternatively send us am email on or call us on 011 040 7343.

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