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Business Management N4-N6

Business Management N-Diploma Career Path

Someone working in business management can oversee activities ranging from strategic and financial planning to production, resource management, and marketing. They can also work in specific fields or areas of a business.

What is Business Management?

Business Management qualification can be obtained by undergoing passing 18 months of theoretical studies followed by 18 months of practical studies also called work intergrated learning. This will then result in a diploma in Business Management at NQF Level 6.  qualification prepares a student well on how to become an entrepreneur, it further skills the student on becoming a middle level manager in a medium size company. Coupled with the knowledge of sales management and labour relations, the course helps students to understand the role and functions of management.

Duties of Business Managers

  • Ensure that the company operates with sufficient materials.
  • Maintain production levels to meet demand.
  • Identify areas for potential growth.
  • Look for opportunities to expand into new markets.
  • Seeks to develop relationships with possible business partners or vendors
  • Making sure the company has enough skilled workers to maintain productivity.

How To Obtain A Diploma In Business Management?

Obtaining a diploma in Human Resource Management is the reason of enrolling for HR N4 to N6. The course details are as follows for a diploma in HR;

SAQA ID: 90674
Course Credits: 360
NQF Level: Level 6
Course Duration: 18 to 36 months

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Business Management Requirements

To qualify as an HR specialist you need to obtain both theoretical and practical aspects of the course. After completion of your studies, you will obtain a National N Diploma-Human Resource Management.


Business Management Course Requirements


  • Must have a Matric Certificate (National Senior Certificate or Amended Senior Certificate) or equivalent FETC NQF Level 4 qualification.
  • An N3 in the relevant specialisation area.


NQF Level Status

 N4 – SAQA ID 66871– NQF LEVEL 5

N5 – SAQA ID 66929 – NQF LEVEL 5

N6 – SAQA ID 6995– NQF LEVEL 5

National N Diploma – SAQA ID 90674– NQF LEVEL 6

HR Subjects / Course Modules

All subjects are compulsory:

Business Management N4

  • Introductory Accounting
  • Management Communication
  • Computer Practice
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Business Management N5

  • Financial Accounting Or Labour Relations
  • Sales Management
  • Computer Practice
  • Entrepreneurship And Business Management


Business Management N6

  • Entrepreneur And Business Management
  • Computer Practice
  • Computerised Financial System Or Labour Relations
  • Sales Management


National N Diploma

  • Complete the 18 months practical component (work intergrated learning) in a Business Management area of expertise

Assessment and Duration

 There are two types of assessments: The internal assessment conducted by the college and the national assessment which is the final exam.

  • Internal assessment comprises of two tests-Test 1 and Test 2 and the student must obtain a minimum pass of 40%. This assessment qualifies you to sit for the final exam. This assessment is marked by the college.
  • Final assessment which is the national exam from the DHET. The exam is a single exam written mostly in the morning at a specified exam centre. The assessment is marked by DHET.

National Exams are conducted by Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and also monitored by QCTO. Each N-Level course takes from 6 months to 12 months or 1-2 semesters. You can write all the subjects at once or split them. There are two semesters in a year:

  1. Semester 1: January to June 
  2. Semester 2: July to December


Achievement and Award

The following certificates are awarded by upon successful completion of each level:

  • National Certificate: N4 Business Management
  • National Certificate: N5 Business Management
  • National Certificate: N6 Business Management

How to Register for Business Management course

There are three ways we offer the course:

  • Through full-time classes where you come to our campus
  • Through part-time Saturday classes at our campus
  • Through distance learning or what some call home study or correspondence. (Please note distance learning in Educare is yet to be implemented)


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