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Technical Matric N3 is one of the least considered National Senior Certificate when it comes to University Applications. But the good news for those who want to do Technical Matric N3 or who already have it, is that they can use it in applying to some of the country’s good Universities-Technical Universities Like TUT, VUT etc. Read more below to find out more on Technical Matric and University acceptance…










Technical Matric N3 Senior Certificate

Technical Matric N3 National Senior Certificate is quick, easier and saves you time. It can be completed in 8 months time. One main condition, can you do Afrikaans as a second language. If YES, Consider registering today.


Can Technical Matric National Senior Certificate qualify me for University

The answer is YES. Technical Matric does qualify you for University. One of the most asked questions by students who want to upgrade their Matric or write their Matric from scratch is whether they will be able to qualify for university entrance with Technical Matric qualifications. If you want to learn more whether taking the N3 Matric route will benefit you or not, read more below.

South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

To fully know the benefits and the value of Technical Matric you need to get a brief understanding of the statutory bodies that regulate the value of Senior Certificates. As a point of departure, it is important to note that Technical Matric is an Umalusi qualification (Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Traning) or a Department of Higher Education and Training qualification and is Nationally recognised. The Technical matric according to South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) (a statutory body, regulated in terms of the National Qualifications Framework Act No. 67 of 2008) is an NQF Level: 04 (SAQA ID: 15947). 

What does NQF Level: 04 mean

NQF Level 4 means that Technical Matric (N3) qualification is a grade 12 Senior Certificate qualification and enjoys the same benefits as any other grade 12 qualification which is current. This means that it must be viewed like any other Senior qualification such as the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) or the current CAPS curriculum. Hence students who posses Technical matric qualification are also eligible to apply to colleges and certain Universities to further their studies. Please note that note all universities accept Technical Matric. We will discus these letter.

What are the requirements for Technical Matric National Senior Certificate

Requirements for Technical Matric National Senior Certificate: You can now obtain your National Senior Certificate (Technical Matric N3), by completing four (4) Subjects, then adding Sake Afrikaans and Business English as two languages. Thereby giving you a total of 6 Subjects, which are required for a National Senior Certificate (Matric).

N3 Certificate equivalent matric is currently the best preferred option for mature adults who want to study but are challenged by busy schedules. The requirements also for the N3 Certificate equivalent matric which makes Sake Afrikaans being compulsory makes it challenging for those who never did Afrikaans. Hence it is best for mature adults who did Higher Grade/Standard grade old syllabus where they used to do Afrikaans during their matric.

You can get your Technical Matric National Senior Certificate through Correspondence/Distance Learning or doing it part time or full time.

Which Universities take students with Technical Matric

The majority of Universities in the country however do not take students with Technical Matric passes and the main reason being that most qualifications of the Technical Matric especially in terms of the subjects they studied for do not match most of the career choices that are offered at universities. This then creates a big gap resulting in students believing that Technical Matric is not enough for universities.

Most universities then do not consider Technical Matric. However one university that usually considers Technical Matric passes is the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). As a result of the university being a technical university, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) does allow students who passed with Technical Matric or even those who went on to do N4, N5 and N6.

What are the careers that TUT takes with Technical Matric

TUT mainly considers careers in the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology. In these careers, the following statement is taken from their prospectus. Visit the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology to find out more information on different career choices.

“Applicants with a National N Certificate / N Diploma as published in Nated 191: N3 (NQ F Level 4) and N4/N5/N6 (NQ F Level 5): Admission requirement(s): A National Senior Certificate (NSC) and a National N Certificate/N Diploma as published in Nated 191: N3 (NQF L evel 4) and N4/ N5/N6 (NQF L evel 5), issued by the Council for General and Further E ducation and Training (Umalusi) with at least a 50% achievement (APS score of 4) for English and at least 60% (APS score of 5) achievement for M athematics N3/N4 and E ngineering Sciences N3/N4 (APS score of  5). Applicants will be exempted for subjects on NQF L evel 5 on the grounds of N4/N5/N6 subjects passed (a maximum of 50% of the qualification’s subjects). Exemption will be granted for equivalent building sciences subjects (including Mathematics and E ngineering Sciences), successfully passed with at least a 60% achievement (APS score of 5).”GENERAL INFORMATION For first year enrolment. For more information visit

The main careers of study include:

  •   National Diploma: Information Technology: Business Applications
    • National Diploma: Information Technology: Communication Networks
    • National Diploma: Information Technology: Intelligent Industrial Systems
    • National Diploma: Information Technology: Multimedia
    • National Diploma: Information Technology: Software Development
    • National Diploma: Information Technology: Support Services

How long does it take to study Technical Matric


Technical Matric can be completed within 8-12 months and does not need one to have completed grade 11 to do it. A person can have dropped out of school in grade 8 and still be able to write Technical Matric and pass it. A person also may be old and working and still be able to pass it. In the next post people who wrote Higher Grade or Standard Grade and did not get their Matric certificate due to some subjects they failed can add Technical Matric subjects in order to complete their Matric and get their certificate. The department of education has made provisions for that. Check the coming posts for more information on combinations of old syllabus with Technical Matric subjects.

Where are our premises for studying Technical Matric

If you are interested in obtaining your National Senior Certificate Technical Matric, you can study with us whether full-time, or part-time or correspondence.

To Technical Matric through online or correspondence

Correspondence learning is now the best way most people are doing their technical matric. If you need more information on correspondence learning click here 

What is difference between Technical Matric and Abet Matric

Another confusing part for those who are already out of school is the difference between Abet Matric and Technical Matric. Abet Matric is the Matric offered by the Department of Basic Education and caters for those who left school as far as the old syllabus. The advantage of Abet Matric is that unlike Technical Matric, Abet matric allows you to write your home language instead of Afrikaans. The most disadvantage of Abet Matric compared to Technical Matric is that Abet matric takes too long to finish and is only written once in a year. The subjects also are always challenging to most of the students resulting in most of them failing it. If you are interested in pursuing Abet Matric, you can do so by visit your nearest public school and ask for Abet centre nearest to you. Most of the classes take place in the evening.

Again, as an advocate of Technical Matric, i will still choose it over Abet matric as it is the most easiest and simplest, provided Afrikaans is not a problem with you.

Register for Technical Matric Today

Consider registering for Technical Matric today. Register today!

For more information on Technical Matric leave a comment below and will get back to you…


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