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Comparison between Technical Matric and NCS/CAPS Senior Certificates (Grade 12)


Most people are still stuck trying to redo the subjects to get their National Senior Certificate and the solution offered here is to do Technical Matric N3 if CAPS is a problem.  Technical Matric is one of the curriculum most people are not aware of however it does have opportunities if you can understand the requirements.

Advantages of doing Technical Matric instead of CAPS

There are many advantages of doing Technical Matric but the most important ones are the following:

  • Technical Matric is equivalent to a normal National Senior Certificate

Technical Matric is equivalent to a normal National Senior Certificate with NQF level 4 as per South African Qualification Framework (SAQA). And all the Matric Certificates are also rated at NQF level 4. Hence it has the same value as other Senior Certificates. You can read more information on SAQA regarding Matric by clicking here

  • Technical Matric N3 can be done in less than a year

It takes less than 1 year for one to complete their Technical Matric Senior Certificate. The exams are written in every trimester and depending on the individual, these can be finished in the first two trimester for example from  May to July you can write the first exams and then from August to November finish up the other subjects and obtain your complete Matric

  • Technical Matric has subjects that are simpler than the current CAPS curriculum

The subjects that are done with Technical Matric are must simpler compared to the current CAPS subjects or any other previous curriculum. The subjects offered are only single paper exam subjects with Languages (Business English and Sake Afrikaans) being open book exams. Studying of these is thus ideal especially for people who are already working and can even be done during weekends or part-time. I don’t know about you, but some of the things must not be done the hard ways always, and Technical Matric is one of those alternatives to reach the same point in your career however through a much easier way.

  • Technical matric can still qualify you to study towards your career

Though Technical Matric does not qualify one to most Universities, there are some Universities like Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) that does recognize it as one of the qualifications they need for someone studying especially towards the engineering fields. For more information on this, read the article by clicking here.  Other opportunities it offers is that it open doors for one to study other careers with colleges that require only Matric as a minimum entry.

  • Technical Matric is more practical than theory

All the subjects studied in Technical Matric are more practical than theory and makes one relevant to their employees. When a learner who did Technical Matric is compared to a learner who did current curriculums and they both go for an interview after completing their Matrics, studies show that most Technical Matric learners pass the interview better than the other learners because of the relevancy of the subjects. The lessons taught are practical, real and in use in the employment.

Technical Matric is cheaper to study than current CAPS

Doing Technical Matric is much cheaper mainly because these subjects are only 3-4 months and then one writes exams unlike the 11 months studying which is required for CAPS. Hence it becomes cheaper to study for N3 than the CAPS

These are some of the advantages that one can get from doing Technical Matric compared to doing CAPS curriculum. Hence if you happen to be having a problem with the current curriculum, the advice is simple consider doing Technical Matric instead.

Requirements for Technical Matric

In order to have a Senior Certificate in Technical Matric, the following are the general requirements:

  • You need to do a minimum of six subjects

  • You need to do two languages which is compulsory. These two must be English and Afrikaans. If you cannot do these, unfortunately you won’t be able to complete get the Senior Certificate

  • You need to pass all the subjects with a minimum of E symbols, however it is very easy to get far more better passes including distinctions.

Register today for Technical Matric. You can register either for distance learning or attend classes. If you want to study through distance learning for no leave a comment and details below we will get back to you, however the registration site will be put up shortly. If you want to do it full time, visit our offices in Krugersdorp.

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