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What Is A National Certificate In N1-N3 Engineering Courses (Nated courses)

A National Certificate in N1-N3 Engineering Studies (also referred to as Nated courses) is a qualification that is obtained by passing four subjects in the related fields which include one of the following: Electrical Engineering Light Current (Instrumentation and Communication), Electrical engineering Heavy Current, Motor and Diesel, Mechanical Engineering -Fitting and Turning, Boilermarking, Welding, Millwright and Civil Engineering. 

The National Certificate in N1-N3 Engineering Courses is offered by the Department of Higher Edcuation and Training and Umalusi which are the regulatory bodies.


How to obtain a qualification in N1-N3 Engineering Courses

To obtain a qualification is N1-N3 Nated courses you need to pass four subjects and you will obtain a National N-certificate. For example to obtain a qualification in Electrical Engineering N2 Heavy current called Natioanal N2 Certificate in Electrical Engineering you need to pass four subjects which include:

  • Mathematics N2
  • Engineering Science N2
  • Industrial Electronics N2
  • Electrical Trade Theory N2
  • Refrigeration N2

The N-qualification means that you are then able to continue to your next level.

How to qualify for a Trade Test

In order to qualify for a Trade Test, one of the main requirements is to obtain an N2 certificate in the relevant field. For example, to write a Trade Test as part of qualification in being a Electrician, you need to obtain your N2 certificate under Electrical Engineering.

Ways of obtaining your N1-N3 certificate

Exams are written three times in a year which is March/April, July/August and November exams. The student can choose to write some of the subjects or all in once sitting. If time is a constraint or if you do not want to overload yourself, you can choose to write say two subjects at a time in every trimester and then combine the subjects to obtain your N-certificate.


What Is A National Diploma is Engineering Courses

A National Diploma in Engineering Course is obtained by passing four subject in a related Engineering field under the following: Electrical Engineering Heavy Current, Electrical Engineering Light Current, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

The National Diploma in Engineering studies starts from N4 to N6 and can be completed within a year.


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