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The following are the engineering studies N1-N3 pass grades. First and foremost, the pass mark is 40%

Mark of 80% to 100%

This mark is a distinction or Symbol A

Mark of 70% to 79%

This mark is Symbol B

Mark of 60% to 69%

This mark is Symbol C

Mark of 50% to 59%

This mark is Symbol D

Mark of 40% to 49%

This mark is Symbol E

Any mark below 40% is considered a fail with the following exceptions:

Condonation conditions

A student can be condoned, meaning they can be given a pass with a mark of 38% or 39% on condition that they pass three of their engineering subjects with a mark of 40% and above. The fourth subject can therefore be condoned should a student get 38% or 39%.

Register for Engineering Studies

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Mechanical Engineering N1-N3

Electrical Engineering N1-N3

Chemical Engineering N1-N3