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Engineering Studies N1 to N6  Register Here!

Engineering studies N1-N6 by definition are studies that one completes under the ‘Report 191 Nated Programmes’ by the Department of Higher Education & Training. A student must pass four subjects at each level in order to obtain a certificate. The Engineering Studies offer different careers in engineering field giving students who qualify competitive advantages in the job industry. The starting level of Nated programmes is N1 and the last level is N6. The Nated courses in Ekurhuleni Tech College are offered through distance learning.

Requirements for studying Nated Courses

Nated courses can be studied by anyone and can be started at either N1 or N4.

For a person who has no foundation of engineering subjects such as Engineering Science/Physics, Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Drawing, the most advisable stage to begin your studies is at N1 level

For a person who has a solid background in Mathematics N3, Engineering Physics N3 and Engineering Drawing N3 they can study any of the engineering courses from N4 level and above. Alternatively a person who passed their matric and where doing science subjects can also start at N4.

What compulsory subjects are needed in engineering studies?

Engineering studies has different fields of study. The studies have common core subjects required especially if one is to begin them from N1. Mathematics is one of the important Nated subject in the engineering courses from N1. The courses mostly have N1 Mathematics, N2 mathematics, N3 mathematics, N4 Mathematics, N5 Mathematics and lastly N6 Mathematics. This is a major subject and must be passed. The other subject compulsory subject is Engineering Science/Physics which also has N1 to N6.

What courses are offered in engineering studies?

Courses offered include the following:

  • Electrical Engineering Heavy current & Electronical Engineering Light Current (Instrumentation and Communication) Register Here!

Both of the two fields have compulsory subjects which are mathematics N1 to N6, Engineering Science (Physics) N1 to N6, Industrial electronics N1 to N6. Supervisory Management is one important course that is offered from N4 to N6. Supervisory Management N4 to Supervisory Management N6 offers students with basic supervisor skills necessary for leadership positions.

  • Motor and Diesel Course is only offered from N1 to N3. Register Here

The course has compulsory Mathematics N1 to N3, Engineering Science N1 to N3 and Industrial Electronics N1 to N3. A student then must choose one from the three either motor trade theory N1 to N3 or Diesel Trade Theory N2 to N3 or Motor Electrical Theory N1 to N3.

  • Fitting and Turning course is only offered from N1 to N3 Register Here!

Fitting ad Turning has compulsory subjects which are mathematics N1 to N3, Engineering Science N1 to N3 and Engineering drawing N1 to N3. Fitting and Machining is also part of the course offered in N1 to N2 with Mechanotechnology added only at N3 level.

Boilermaking or Boilermaker course is one of the most common courses when it comes to Nated courses. The reason is that Boilermaking is one industry with good job opportunities and boiler makers usually receive good salaries. Boiler making subjects mostly include Mathematics, engineering science and plating and structural steel drawing all from N1 to N3. Boiler makers go on to add Platers theory N2 and Mechanotechnology N3. Boiler Maker has similar subjects to welding. The only difference is that in welding, instead of doing Platers theory N2; welders instead do Welders theory N2. All the other subjects offered in Boiler making are similar to welding.

  • Millwright course is another course offered from N1 to N3. Register Here!

Millwright has compulsory mathematics from N1 to N3, engineering physics from N1 to N3 and Electrical trade theory N1 to N3. A student however must choose either to do Industrial electronics or Engineering drawing. The other subjects offered that can be added include fitting and machining from N1 to N2 and Mechanotechnology which is only offered at N3.

Mechanical Engineering is offered from N4 to N6. Mechanical engineering is one of the most commonly done courses with Mathematics N4, Engineering Science/Physics N4 and Mechanotechnics N4 being the most compulsory subjects. Supervisory management is also added from N4 to give students supervisory skills.  Apart from Mechanotechnics, Power machines is one of the modules that is common and offered from N5. Hence Power machines N5 and Power machines N6 is the commonly added subjects in mechanical engineering. Mechanotechnics is also done from N4 to Mechanotechnics N6.

Civil engineering N1 to N6  Register Here!

Civil engineering course is one of the courses that is done from N1 to N6. Mathematics and Engineering Science are only done up to N3. Hence in Civil engineering there is no mathematics N4 or engineering science n4. Supervisory management is the commonly chosen course that is done from N4 to N6 to give students supervisory skills. Hence supervisory management N4 adds supervisory skills to the course and is done till supervisory management N6.

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