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Let me start by asking you a few questions regarding your current Mathematics passes. If at any time you answer NO, then you can stop reading because this post is no for you.

If you answer YES in all of them, then ensure you read to the end as it will help you and change your life completely.

  1. Are you in Grade 10 or 11 doing Pure Mathematics (Yes/NO)
  2. If you look at your current Maths passes, are you performing below 60% (Yes/No)
  3. Is there a deep feeling that says you can pass this subject if given opportunity and prove that you can do it (Yes/No)
  4. When you start studying the books, do you feel like you are stuck yet in class during the Maths class when the teacher was explaining you were able to follow through (Yes/No)
  5. Do you feel tired when you try studying some of the Maths topics yet in other Maths topics you feel energy and eager to do the problems

If you answered YES to all these questions then just know that you can improve your Maths marks to an unbelievable 80% and above.

I know you are saying ‘How do you know that’?

Because I have been there like you. I am a living proof that Maths can be passed and not only just merely passing it but with good marks.

But how did I do it, well I did it through attending extra lesson which takes me to the next part of why I am writing this post

Saturday classes in Krugersdorp

My Maths performance got a turnaround when I decided to look for extra help that I was not getting in school. At school, my Math teacher was too busy to focus on me only and I noticed that those who got most attention were the so called ‘brilliant’ ones.

I remember strugging from an early age when we did mental problems like times tables; there are those kids in which numbers just came naturally to them as if they were born knowing Maths. But with me it was a struggle and hard work to master them.

When I sought extra Saturday classes then my Maths took off and as they say the rest is history. Now it is your turn to change your Maths story

FREE Maths classes in Krugersdorp

Ekurhuleni Tech College has FREE Extra Maths Saturday classes in Krugersdorp. The free Saturday classes are aimed at simple bringing the Maths in you to the highest level. This will see you getting good marks at the end of the term or most importantly year which will ultimately lead you to good grades in Grade 12. And as we all know, good grades means university entrance, and university studies means a great career.

Attend the FREE Maths classes and improve your marks in 2016

So consider attending the FREE Maths Saturday classes currently happening in Krugersdorp. But I have to warn you that these classes will not be available for FREE next year if you are not part of this group this year. Hence ensure that you enroll and start attending the classes.

Without getting to the details of it, all I know is that your Maths story will never be the same again. It all starts by making a choice to enroll for free classes today.

Remember that Reaching out is proof of passion.