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FREE Saturday Maths Classes-Krugersdorp

FREE Saturday Maths Classes-Krugersdorp

FREE Saturday School for Maths and Science in Krugersdorp only in 2016

Ekurhuleni Tech College is running a Saturday school for Maths and Physical Science for grades 10 and 11 in Krugersdorp. The Saturday school is currently offering Mathematics with Physical Science and other subjects starting next year. The classes are meant to prepare learners for their final exams in November 2016. The classes are FREE and learners are benefiting from these free classes. And please note that the FREE classes will end in 2016.

Gaps in Mathematics results in failure in your Grade 12 final exams

As we all know when it comes to Mathematics you can never say that you are enough. Hence the classes are meant to close the gaps most learners are having. Having interacted already with some of the learners, it is clear that most are struggling with their Mathematics. An assessment test given to them showed that most are lacking the fundamental basis in their Mathematics.

With their current state, it is no wonder why they fail the end of year exams and ultimately poor passes in their grade 12.

If you are struggling with Maths and Science, don’t hesitate to try the FREE classes for Maths and Science currently running in Krugersdorp. The classes are between 1H 30min to 2 hours every Saturday.

Why mathematics is the most failed subject in South Africa

Mathematics is the most failed subject in South Africa with only about 20% of the students managing to get university passes (endorsement levels 4-7) while the majority pass at less than 40%. The current pass for Mathematics is at 30% which the Department of Education has set at but we all know that at this pass no university will be able to take you. Only a few colleges and mostly this means paying your own tuition at these colleges which most cannot manage.

The current status of Maths in the whole country is really bad and getting worse each year. The government and the schools are failing to adapt to the current type of learners. The current learners are brilliant yet impatient and they need information in different approach to the old system.

The old way of approaching Mathematics no longer works

Teachers like to think of the old days and reminiscence about the days stating how they used to pass in the olden days and how they used to be serious about their studies. But the important thing is that even today’s learners are serious about their studies. The only thing they mostly lack I guidance and leadership that focuses on today’s generation.

The truth of the matter is that the same intelligence we had in the olden days is still with this generation; however this generation needs constant focus in this type of environment that is constantly fighting for their attention.

Importance of Saturday classes

Hence the importance of Extra Saturday classes which aims at giving them focus in their most challenging studies. A good 30-45 minutes of a Saturday class is important and worth more investment in the future than that same time spent at home.

As a parent with a learner struggling in Maths

If you are a parent the main focus is then to encourage and ensure that your child attends the Saturday classes and that’s all you need to do, the rest you leave to the teachers. Your child will be shaped into a highly competent and intelligent child that needs not to fear regarding their studies.

In a nutshell, it is very important to have extra classes if you want to see your marks improve. At Ekurhuleni Tech College, our Saturday School will ensure that you achieve best results in the final exams. Ekurhuleni Tech Saturday school aims to see, average learners performing at 60% and above which are the minimum passes for university entrance. Don’t delay; enroll for the Saturday School in Krugersdorp and your academic life will never be the same again.

Remember at Ekurhuleni Tech College we believe Reaching Out is proof of passion. Ekurhuleni Tech College

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