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Resulting for Engineering Studies by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and obtaining your final results is not as smooth and detailed as it happens with the resulting for Grade 12 matric results. The hype and media attention that the Grade 12 results receive is further amplified by both Umalusi and Department of Basic Education through giving constant feedback and holding media briefing to the general public.

Final Results and the media influence

Final results release especially of grade 12 (matric results) is one of the most event that is covered almost by all the media houses. These are so much talked about that other results get overshadowed to a point that no one hears or knows about them except those expecting the results. More on that is explained below.

Two Key Education Departments

When it comes to the Engineering Studies final results, the announcement if ever it happens is low key and not even any media gets to report about them. Maybe the main reason is that the Grade 12 results fall under the Department of Basic Education while the Engineering Studies final results fall under Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). This is a challenge as such low attention also means the quality of results is also not scrutinized by the public.

Trimesters in Engineering Studies

The DHET Nated courses is made up of three trimesters. Each trimester last for a period of about four months maximum. The following are the trimesters timelines:

  • January to April is Trimester 1
  • May to August is Trimester 2
  • September to December is Trimester 3.

Exam Trimesters

The three trimesters means that the DHET has three different exams sitting throughout the year and that already explains why such exams receive little to no attention.

The DHET has national exams for Nated courses during the following months:

  • March/April for Trimester 1
  • July/August for Trimester 2
  • November/December for Trimester 3

Learn more in enrolling for one of the above trimesters

Steps Towards Releasing of Results

Release of final results for engineering courses and communicating of the results is done in the following stages:

Step 1: DHET after completing marking and capturing of marks communicates with Umalusi the quality assurer for N1 to N3 and QCTO the quality assurer for N4 to N6 for moderation and authorization of the release of the results. Please note that with Umalusi especially, results cannot be released until they are satisfied with their quality checks. These include checking for different types of irregularities, inconsistencies as well as standardization of the results

Step 2: Umalusi gives a green light to DHET that the results can be released and the DHET then sends colleges their results are per the enrolled students. The DHET send both what is called the text file and the word document of the results. The two documents contain the results of all the learners enrolled per particular centre. If you remember well, when you wrote your exams, in your answer booklet you were asked to fill in the centre number. That number is very important for your resulting and the results are released as per that number. All candidates who wrote in that centre will be resulted under one text file or word document.

Step 3: The individual centres or colleges use different systems and they load these results into the systems approved by DHET. Please note that these systems are not at all connected with DHET systems. The college system is a management system of that particular college for resulting purposes. The college then uses the system to get individual results of their candidates.

Step 4: The college then communicates the results to each student in order for the student to know their outcome. It is at this moment of receiving results that students must be aware of the most important things pertaining to those results. If the student is not happy at all with the results and feels that they need to file a complaint, it is absolutely lawful and there is a procedure to do so. First the student indicates to the college that they intent to query the results.

There are two types of queries you can lodge at this stage, a remark query or recheck query. A remark query is when the DHET mark the student paper again as if it was never marked and results are communicated. A recheck query is when you want DHET to compute or recount your marks in case an error occurred while counting leading to a wrong mark being captured. For remarking the student must complete a remark form supplied by DHET.

For recheck, the student must complete a recheck form supplied by the DHET. The college then completes the necessary documents and submit on behalf of the student. The results of remarks and recheck are released later after a process called mop up which deals with all unresolved results. An important thing to note in remarks and rechecks is that they come at a cost and also at times results delays are common.

Results and their release are always characterized by mixed emotions with some in celebratory mode while some are broken or depolarized by the results. It is then important for students to learn to deal with results and how to move on when the results come negative.

At Ekurhuleni Technical College, we value student results so much that we are willing to go any length to ensure that students always see the way forward at the end. Once a student receives results, we allow the student to process the outcome for a day or so. We then make follow ups with the student and we reach out asking if ever there is anything we can do further to help. In situations where students are not happy with their results, we explain to them the options they have going forward. We explain the remarks and rechecks, their advantages and disadvantages and then ask if the students want to apply for any. We further show the students other options they have which they can choose from.

We do all this with utmost sincerity knowing that the life of the student depends on these results. Ekurhuleni Technical College further allows the student to register for rewrites should they want to rewrite the subject. The only costs involved are the administrative costs and the student will not be made to pay any extra fees or do any tasks. Only the re-write and showing up on the day is all that is required.

We communicate frequently with the student for the duration of the course while they prepare for their re-writes.

Why don’t you try enrolling with Ekurhuleni Technical College for a better pass or better mark. While the college cannot guarantee a pass, we do support our students throughout the duration of their studies that will see them in a much better position to face the final exam.

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