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What is studying at matric?

Have you ever asked yourself what is the meaning of studying?

I hate studying


This is an important question to settle and have your own definition if you are to be successful in your matric stage. Again to clarify the phrase ‘matric stage’, it is important to know that matric does not start in grade 12 but actually begins in grade 10 and last for three years till grade 12. Matric therefore is a combination of what you have been doing in the three years (grade 10, 11 & 12) that will be responsible for your success later in life.




The matric period is a crucial time is a person’s life because it is where abstract wishes start to become concrete, where intangible things start becoming tangible and dreams start becoming realities. Why am I saying that; because you will agree with me that you choose your new subjects for grade 10 towards the end of your grade 9. Hence grade 10 is a new chapter, the Matric chapter. And these subjects that you choose either make you or break you. So let us look at one of the things that will make this Matric journey worthwhile.

It is learning how to study.

sleeping while reading

I hate studying…


Studying means different things to different people. Some when you talk of studying they see a picture of a person sitting alone in a library or room reading volumes and volumes of books. To some it is someone cramming some notes, to someone it means a group of people sitting together discussing a topic and to some it is just a wrong topic to talk about because they see it as pain.



However studying is a skill you need to learn to a point it becomes a habit. And when you create the habit of studying, guess what, the habit that you create will make you. You will start finding it difficult to sit for some time without a book in front of you. You become a bookworm. The habit becomes so strong you find yourself reading in ques, in the bus or taxi, or any place that makes you wait; you kill the time by reading something.

Does it make you look strange to other people, YES it does, but the benefits of that are yours alone and you will never regret them.

Creating the habit of studying shouldn’t start when you are in grade 12 or 11 but should begin in grade 10 and by the time you are in grade 12, you are unstoppable. When other are battling with the pressure and sleep, to you it will be second in nature to work up and read.

This is a lengthy topic and cannot be finished in one sitting, so make sure you read all the other parts so as to ensure you master this monster of studying.

In part two and other parts that will follow, I will talk more about the benefits of studying, how to create habits of studying, what to expect from studying as you begin it and many more.

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