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Are you interested in Mathematics N3 Online. Mathematics is one of the subjects that has become easier and easier to pass it given the support and attention it currently receives. Different innovative ways have been made to support the students.

One of the best ways that one can currently embark on is to study it through online learning.


Mathematics N3 Online Learning

Studying from home


With online learning, you can study and prepare for your final exams from the comfort of your home. Mathematics N3 online learning is one of the innovative ways that has been introduced by 24 minute company. The company has a website that details how the online process works.


With Mathematics Online learning, you have the following options from the membership offered on their site:

  • Video lessons membership
  • Standard Membership
  • Premium Membership

Each membership has different benefits which are also provided on their website. Of all the three memberships, one that quickly takes your attention is the Premium membership and it offers the following benefits:


  • Pre-recorded video lessons on the syllabus
  • Pre-recorded video lessons on past-exam papers
  • Great exam tips and what to look for.
  • Online lessons (classes) on the syllabus (textbook)
  • FREE access to previous papers and answers from Department of Education between 2014-2019.
  • Send questions and request for solutions
  • Book a tutor for 24 minutes twice a week
  • Cancel at any time
  • 2-day trial freeIf not happy we will refund you all monies paid. No questions asked.

The bold cancellation guarantee offered

One of the bold claims offered by the website is the two day trial after which one can cancel and get their refund back-and they state-with no questions asked. The guarantee seeks to re-affirm the trust and belief that the company has in its products and at the same time providing comfort to subscribers should they feel they made a wrong choice.

Assuring new subscribers that they can get their refund back and they can just try it for two days and test the lessons makes everyone feel at ease and further trust the website. After all the 24 minute site keeps stating that it is not the student money they are interested in, but first in ensuring that the student does benefit from their investment.

Are you interested in getting more information regarding the online classes offered by 24 minute website, you can get their information below:

24 minute website-tell me more

You can also check a press release on the same subject from the following link:

Press release-Mathematics N3 Online Launch

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