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We are offering Mathematics, Physical Science, English and Afrikaans Saturday school in 2021. The Saturday school aims to assist learners who are being affected by the lockdown and current closure to close the gaps created in the curriculum.

Do not wait for the schools to open

Students are still hoping that when the schools open they will be able to catch up and learn everything they missed. Unfortunately this is further from the truth. Instead schools will not be able to meet to demands of the syllabus. In 2020, the schools were not able to finish the syllabus, and already in 2021 the schools are already behind schedule as far as opening of schools is concerned.

It is therefore very worrying for a parent to let their children sit and do nothing while time is flying way. Hence we have launched the online classes that cater for the following subjects:

  • Mathematics Grades 7-12
  • Physical Science Grade 7-12
  • English Grades 7-12
  • Afrikaans Grades 7-12

The classes are designed around the CAPS curriculum and students will be taught the topics as they are to be taught in school. This will help the student in ensuring they cover the full curriculum and not rely or wait on the school to give them incomplete curriculum.

Learning from home currently is also the best in terms of the current outbreak of Covid 19 making it safe. With online classes you are able to attend classes and should you miss the class, you can join the class at your own convenient time and ensure you miss nothing. While the times are bad and not looking good, you can still use this time to ensure that your career is not affected.

Register for online classes for Mathematics, Physical Science, English and Afrikaans Saturday School in 2021.

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