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The Maths Saturday School in Krugersdorp has opened for registrations in 2017 for grades 10 to 12. The classes will add additional subjects later however currently the registrations are for Maths.

Register for Maths Extra Classes

Maths is a subject that must be considered very early for intervention if you notice that your child is struggling. Most children are struggling from the basics which were supposed to be corrected during their early grades but were ignored until it is almost late. Some start considering interventions in Grade 12, at a stage where most learners start panicking and loosing hope.

If you are in Grade 12 however, do not throw away the towel if you feel like Maths is a monster. You can still make drastic changes if you are willing to put in the hours and commitment needed. If however you are at a lower grade such as grade 10 or 11, then this is the best time to improve your Maths.

Do not let the gaps in Maths develop to a point where they start to seem impossible and very difficult. Consider joining the Maths Saturday class in Krugersdorp and see your results improve in the shortest possible time.

Parent’s duty

If you are a parent and your child is facing difficulties with their Maths, consider supporting them by allowing them to join the Maths Saturday school in Krugersdorp. You will never regret the investment as it will carry them through to their university. This will save you a lot of heartache and pain and desperation and leave you proud of your child when you see them achieving.

Why register now for Maths Extra classes if you are in Grade 10-12

Registering for Maths Extra classes will see you closing the Maths gaps that you have and see your marks improve in tests and exams. This will boost your confidence and by the time you are in Grade 12, you will not struggle with your Maths.

Free one month attendance for those starting for the first time

Attend Maths Extra class for FREE for the first month. If you are not interested and you see no benefit, you are free to stop coming no questions asked. If however you are interested, you can continue the classes however you need to pay a prescribed monthly fee. Visit our offices in Krugersdorp to get more information or call us on 011 040 7343.


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