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Can Technical Matric combine with Higher Grade/Standard Grade Matric

The answer is YES. N3 Matric can combine with the Higher Grade and Standard Grade Matric. If you did that Matric but did not complete it, register for the easy N3 subjects and combine them to get your National Senior Certificate.


Engineering courses are the best way to qualify as an artisan. complete your N2 and qualify for your trade testing. 

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NB: Please note that Ekurhuleni Tech College currently only offers Technical Matric (N3). We do not offer CAPS or Amended CAPS (Revised NCS). Registration closing soon. Register for Technical Matric by clicking here

The Department of Education allows for Old syllabus Matric to combine with N3 Matric. To be sure you qualify for the combinations, your Matric must have been written in before 2008, that is from 2007 going backwards, when it was stil Higher Grade and Standard Grade. Alternatively those who qualify are those who wrote the same old syllabus (Nated) till 2014 June. Befeore the Department revised the curriculum it was still Higher Grade and Standard grade matric.

CAPS and N3 do not combine.  The Department has not allowed CAPS or the previous NCS to combine with Technical Matric. However if interested in N3 Matric, it is much easier, quicker and cheaper to do and can be completed from scratch in less than 8 months. For more info visit 

Matric Rewrite-An opportunity to upgrade your marks

Matric Rewrite which some call it Matric Upgrade is an opportunity for one to improve their marks and continue on their further studies. Take it as a second chance to better your marks are a small disturbance on the road to your dreams.


Matric Rewrite or Matric Upgrade

Matric rewrite then helps in ensuring you upgrade your marks so that you can meet the minimum requirements for the study you want to pursue. Most people shipwreck their dreams and give up too early because they do not think that they can improve their marks. However it is very possible to improve the marks but will definitely need more discipline than the one you had during your grade 12. This is because many challenges face you during the following year which usually break your focus as the year progresses.

Where can you do your matric rewrite

There are many options where you can do your matric rewrite, but the common three are either you consider attending ABET classes or studying by your own at home and seeking help or you can enroll at colleges. (ABET classes are those evening classes that the Department of Education organized for learners who did not make it.) The first two usually have a problem of commitment and quality of studying and the last one has more chances of making you get the passes you want. The first two are the cheapest while the last one is expensive. However in most cases, those who enrolled at colleges have managed to upgrade their passes compared to those who tried it the ABET way or on their own.

CAPS and N3 Matric

CAPS National Senior Certificate and Technical Matric National Certificate are two separate certificates that cannot combine. A student can choose to do any one of them but the one with more career prospects especially if you still want to pursue university studies is CAPS. Technical Matric is not accepted by most universities however the best university that accepts it is Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). Alternatively you can still pursue your studies through Technikons or colleges and get your diploma and degree later. However still, there are some who just want Matric certificate for other purposes such as work, further studies with colleges etc, then doing Technical Matric is much more of an advantage with a better chance of passing than CAPS.

Consider Technical Matric Rewrite with Ekurhuleni Tech College Register today!

Consider rewriting your Technical matric with Ekurhuleni Tech College will offers the best quality classes at the same time with affordable prices. The classes are designed to help you master the subjects in an easy way that will make you pass with less struggle and sweat. This is because of the seasoned and years of experience in the tutors who are offering the subjects. Ekurhuleni Tech College can guarantee you that you will get your passes if you do as they say. Ekurhuleni Tech College has seen many students realise their dreams mostly who had given up thinking that it was impossible.

Consider registering with us if you are in the West Rand district and we promise that you will never regret.  If however you are far from the West Rand, you can still consider studying with us through distance learning with online support given. This is the new effective way of learning and it is as effective as the normal attending of classes just that in this case you are doing it online.

Read more on how you can register and leave comments below if having difficulties.

NB: Never postpone your dreams, never quit on yourself, because it is very possible to pass and continue on your journey to success. It is all in the mind and then commitment. Consider registering today, as waiting for tomorrow means already postponing your dreams.

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