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Ekurhuleni Tech College has opened a Matric Rewrite in Krugersdorp. The main part of the matric rewrite center is to offer tuition or contact classes in the two types of matric curricula: Technical Matric also called N3 and CAPS Syllabus.

The above two types of the syllabuses Technical Matric and CAPS are the most currently being upgraded and as Ekurhuleni Tech College, we offer best ways in which to complete your matric certificate which will be detailed below.

Completing your Matric with Technical Matric subjects

One way Ekurhuleni Tech College is helping its students complete their matric certificate is for those who wrote their Grade 12 before 2007. These wrote when it was still higher grade or standard grade.

If you happen to have your Matric certificate still incomplete, we help by providing Technical subjects which can be combined with the other subjects that you passed. These can then combined at the Department of Education for a full certificate.

Changes you need to know with Department of Education

Just in brief as to understand the background changes in the curricula since 2007. The syllabus has changed three times since 2007 and the subjects which were written before 2007 cannot be combined with the current ones. The first reason is that in the old matric or old syllabus, the passes used symbols such as A, B, C, D, E, and F. But in the current CAPS curriculum, the passes are now in levels such as Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Hence symbols and numbers cannot be combined. Secondly some of the subjects has changed names such as Biology is now called Life Sciences.

Such changes make it difficult to combine the two syllabuses hence they cannot be combined, however, there is an option of combining them with Technical Matric subjects such as Supervision in Industry, Industrial Orientation, Mathematics, Mechano Technology just to mention a few among many. These subjects are still using the symbols A, B, C, D, E and F.

At Ekurhuleni Tech College, we help you in writing of these Technical Matric exams which are written in every 3-4 months and you can obtain your complete certificate from as less as three months to 8 months.

Is your Higher Grade or Standard Grade passes having languages?

If during your matric you passed two languages either your home language plus English or Afrikaans, then it is an advantage as these languages can then be combined with Technical Matric subjects. This means you need four or less subjects to complete your matric certificate and can take you as less as three months.

Starting Technical Matric from scratch.

Alternatively you can start Technical Matric from scratch and write all the six subjects which are required for you to get a full certificate. However the conditions for these is that you need to do two languages which are both English and Afrikaans and you have no option about that.

Conditions for Technical Matric

In order to get a complete Senior Certificate with Technical Matric, you need to do six subjects of which English and Afrikaans are a must to do. Then you need to choose four other subjects of your choice in the list of subjects we provide. At Ekurhuleni Tech College, we provide different options of subjects which you can choose from to complete your certificate. You can click here to look at these Technical Matric subjects.

Completing your matric with CAPS Syllabus

If you wrote your exams from 2008 till now, then you need to complete your matric with the current curriculum. The CAPS curriculum is the one offered in the normal schools while a slightly different version of it is offered in the ABET night schools.

As Ekurhuleni Tech College, we provide both the CAPS syllabuses so as to help students complete their matric certificate. For example, if you wrote between 2008-2012, then you will do the CAPS offered at night schools in ABET centers called new Nated CAPS. If you wrote between 2013 till now, then you will write the current curriculum which the current learners are doing during the day.

The subjects we offer as Ekurhuleni Tech include English, Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy, Geography, Life Science, Physical Science, Geography, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting.

Register today with Ekurhuleni Tech Collage so as to complete your matric certificate and be able to continue with your career. Choose from the two types of Matric previously mentioned, either Technical Matric or CAPS and take the step today and register.

We offer simple, easy ways of understanding these subjects and you are guaranteed of passing.