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Ekurhuleni Tech College has a Matric Rewrite centre in Westrand area and the places mostly benefiting include Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Randfontein and Westonaria. The Matric Rewrites taking place are helping a lot of people who still want to complete their Matric certificate. The matric rewrite centre is situated in Krugersdorp and the central place of the Westrand. The Matric Rewrite is divided into two as follows:

Technical Matric (N3) Certificate

Technical Matric is one of the most preferred Matric Rewrites especially for people who are working and they have busy schedules. Some of these are people are only available on weekends and have been failing to get their matric due to the work commitments. With Technical Matric being done part-time, it is a solution for such people who are now able to complete their matric certificate.

Technical Matric through Distance Learning

Apart from doing Technical full-time and part-time, Technical Matric can also be done through distance learning or correspondence. The current trends through online learning or distance learning like UNISA has made people able to also complete their matric from home and come and sit for exams. This makes it even more possible for those who are busy during weekends or are working odd hours or different hours such as in retail or restaurants.

CAPS or NSC Certificate

At Ekurhuleni Tech College we also do Rewrites for the old syllabus and the current CAPS. The Department of Education has combined the old and new syllabus and students are now writing similar exams. Though some write their exams in May/June while other write their exams in November. The difference in the times of exams  is to separate those who wrote their matric more than four years back from those who are still fresh from Matric.

This Matric unlike the Technical Matric is more demanding and challenging. Instead of the 8 months required by the Technical Matric, CAPS curriculum requires a full 11 months of study if you are to get good grades in the final. The study for it is more demanding and is done best full time not part-time. Hence there are no part-time classes for CAPS only full time. Students are also not advised to take all the six subjects but to take them possible in three’s. However there are some students who can take all the 6 subjects at once and still manage it. This however needs extra dedication and motivation.

Hence for people staying in the Westrand, Ekurhuleni Tech offers you opportunity to rewrite your matric and complete your certificate. This enables you to continue with your further studies, apply for a job or places you in a position to be promoted. The current trend shows that without Matric, chances are limited for you to get ahead in life. Matric makes your boss to give you an excuse why they are not promoting you even if you are deserving or capable of such a position. They will use the excuse of Matric certificate as their way of preferring someone over you.

Hence do not allow your life to continue being held back by a Matric Certificate. Choose today to study towards your future and you will not regret. Visit our offices or call to find out more on how you can get help in completing your matric certificate. Do not hesitate to leave a comment below if ever you need more clarity.