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Matric Rewrite institutions in Gauteng Province are many and they offer a variety of services with the key part being to make you able to pass your Matric. However at times it confuses many people on which college to choose and what is the differences if any at all. However the following key things are important to ask before you register for any college.

Matric rewrite institutions especially in Gauteng have a lot of competition and at times colleges end up making empty promises they are not able to fulfill hence it is important to get all the information before you register with any college

You might ask the following questions before registering with any college:

  • You must check if the college you are applying at is registered with the Department of Education or affiliating with a registered college in which case it will be acting as a contact center for the main college. For example, some colleges have only one exam center however they my have many contact centers for tuition in different areas. These contact centers only serve one purpose of offering tuition ad not exams. These contact centers may not be registered but the main college must be registered and this is where exams are written. Ensure that you have the right information on that.
  • Check the level of service and commitment on the college in terms of the assistance you will get during your studies. Many rewrite students have different needs ranging from wanting to come part-time due to other commitments, having difficulties in certain arrears of the subjects they are studying to challenges with distance where they are staying from the college. Ask these questions and listen to the way you will be helped because in the end it is your hard earned money that you want to see profit from.
  • Check the outside school assistance if the college has any. The technology is now improving the way people learn to an extent that you no longer have to limit yourself only to be in class but support can be offered even at home hence the distance learning is becoming more common. Ask the college if they have DVDs, online support or any platform you can be helped while you are not at school. This is very important i they have such services.

One of the Matric Rewrite Institution that is recommended is Ekurhuleni Tech College. The college prides itself in being able to walk with students step by step as they upgrade their Matric certificate. The most notable strength is in its distance learning or correspondence learning when it comes to Technical Matric. The college has a wide variety of systems that helps students to be assisted equally whether they are attending full time or they come part-time or they are studying through correspondence.

Ekurhuleni Tech College which is situated in Krugersdorp town also runs a Saturday school for grades 10-12 in Maths and Physical Science. The Saturday school’s main purpose is to help the students master their content and avoid the mistake of failure and reduce the rewrites students we are having in the country.

If you are interested in studying under Ekurhuleni Tech College, do not hesitate to call our number on 011 040 7343 or visit our offices at Unit 3, Mogale Square, Krugersdorp (Next to President Square mall).

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask and find more information on how we can help you.

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