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Matric stage-are you ready 2

MATRIC STAGE! What does it take to be successful?

The Matric year is one of the fastest years of your life-where you will feel like the whole year was reduced into a few months. To be blunt, if ever you find yourself bored as a Matric learner it is a sign that something is wrong….not with you of course…but truly it is a sign that you are somehow missing something. Why am I saying that, because the Matric year or Grade 12 year is a year always full of assignments after assignments, tests, attending of extra classes you name them. Some have even been seen arriving at school as ear 6am morning and leaving as late as 6pm evening-12hours in the school walls. And then you say that you were bored many days during your Matric?

What do Matric learners all have in common?

I can look at a learner and tell that these are Matriculants, not because of the way they dress which indicates that they are doing their matric, No, of course that does say it. But mainly because of the way they walk. They are always walking fast as if to catch up with life, as if life is ahead and they are remaining behind and they need to catch up. All the learners have a sense of urgency in them, a sense of being alive and present. A sense of hope than the rest of the learners in the school.

How do I prepare myself to be ready when I reach Matric stage

So now you are closer to the Matric stage and you are wondering, am I ready to embrace the stage and will I manage to cope.

The truth of the matter is you will cope if you take the following advice and prepare in advance so that the stage does not shock you as some have. Instead of you being dazed with fear, you will always be optimistic, full of hope and purpose, knowing that you have everything in control.

Let us look at the few steps you can take:

  1. During you FET grade, that is Grade 10 and 11, ensure that you already keep in mind that Grade 12 will always find you ready. This means making sure you do not allow gaps into your subjects-that you do everything to close the gaps. You can do this through following up with your teachers on the things you did not understand during the normal class. Teachers are always motivated when learners are motivated and hungry to learn
  2. Choosing yor friends wiselyChoose your friends wisely. Yes you heard me well, relook at your friends and choose them wisely. Friends will either make you or break you. I can tell your future by looking at the friends you have chosen to play with. The type of friends you have will be very crucial in matric as they will either motivate or demotivate you.
  3. How do you choose friends? Look at your class and see who is the best performing learner. Is if there is any above you. Shortlist them as your potential friends. The fact that they are performing better than you means that there is something that they are doing which you need to learn from them. If there is no learner better than you or somehow you are failing to connect with the one in your class, look at the other classes or even outside you school but doing the same Grade as you. Then friend friend. Remember yo just show yourself friendly to them and tell them you want to learn from them. They will welcome you with open arms. Trust me when you look for them you will find them
  4. Form study groups from the early stage. This will help you to create the culture of reading which is very essential in your Matric. The early you start the study groups with a few group of friends which you intentionally chosen as we explained above the better chances of you being ready.
  5. Create success habits. Habits are created by our daily routines. So create success habits. I will write an article on how to create success habits.
  6. Understand that delayed gratification is an investment to your future. What is delayed gratification? It is refusing to satisfy yourself now by spending time through things that do not add value to your life but are rather destructive if not watched. These include over use of the social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram you name them. Instead you choose to invest in your tomorrow. By controlling yourself and the time you spend in these, you have learned what is called delayed gratification.

For now this the end of part one on Matric stage and how to prepare for it. We will look will continue in part 2. Leave a comment below and share your ideas.