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The Matric Stage

Matric stage-are you ready 3

The matric stage is one stage that you must not take for granted. Many of us especially those who are at the beginning of the matric stage usually take this for granted only to pay the heavy price later. The matric phase begins in grade 10 till grade 12 and is a collective of the three years. However in most cases, it is taken as one year.

The matric stage thus needs carefully planning and actions throughout the three years, failure in which leads to catastrophe or collision. Catastrophe through lost dreams and disturbed future and collision with destiny when reality faces you-that you still need to finish the stage.

The matric stage was never meant to be difficult but to be enjoyed and fun. Work and play is the best word for it. However the two works must be carefully balanced so that no compromise can be made with regards to work while playing can always to put up for later.

One Classical Matric Story…

To fully understand the matric stage and it potential let me start by telling you a true story….one matric stage story that continues to inspire me and it’s a true story because I taught this individual.

As all great stories starts: Once upon a time (which of course is not a long time) there was this young man by the name of Patrick had now decided he will repeat grade 11 when I came at this new school that I was deployed by the Department of Education to teach in. The school gave me grade 12 learners and I had to take them for Pure Mathematics for a year.

At that time Patrick who was introduced to me by the teacher who used to teach them in the previous year in their grade 11 was begging to be allowed to in the grade 12 class doing Pure Mathematics in which the teacher had refused. The reason behind this was that Patrick had failed Maths so badly with very low marks and the teacher had given him an option of either he repeats the grade and correct his Maths marks or proceed to grade 12 but change from Pure Mathematics to Mathematical Literacy.

To add more to that, Patrick was condoned in his Physical Science mark as he barely passed it which proved as a sign that he was not going to make it in grade 12 with these two subjects. And making him change Mathematics to Mathematical Literacy was a way of helping him as the teacher expressed to him.

But the tricky part was that Patrick refused to continue and chose to repeat the grade and correct his Maths marks. That is when I got introduced to him. We had a chat for some time and I realized that his problem was not his poor performance but the wrong attitude he had during his matric stage. He did not carefully consider the matric stage carefully, that is the grade 10 and 11 and exams had caught him unprepared leading to his failure.

I asked the teachers to allow him to proceed as I saw potential in him and after a lengthy discussion, he was allowed. But on condition he was to improve in the first term otherwise he risk being removed from the class. This gave the young man a life line of three months to prove to use that he was able to cope in the grade. What made me interested in his story and be a part of it was the desperate hunger I saw in the young man. You could see that he collided with destiny early in his grade 11 when he failed and that was a great wake up call for him. He promised me he will burn the candles to ensure he cover all his cumulative gaps from the previous grades only if I can support him. I gave him the necessary support, the journey was a tough one but as all great stories end, Patrick ended up passing his grade 12 with good grades-not only that, he passed with a distinction in Mathematics and a B in Physical Science. In overall he obtained bachelors in the certificate.

However those are unique stories where students rise from the back row to end up in the top ten best learners and yours might not be supposed to be that-in fact you might never get that chance to get all the necessary support to close the gaps you had.

A good advice…

Hence preparation for your matric stage is very important. One of the important points I am going to cover on what extra things one can do to prepare for the grade is to seek extra support in the subjects that are very important to your future or career.

Note that however this will cost you money, but what is money compared to years of lost dreams. You must never compare your education to any monetary value because it is priceless. Money can be lost be never your education. Actually do not look at how much it will cost you; instead look at how much it will add value to your future. If you shift this focus, you are able to convince your parents to pay for your extra tuition such as attending Saturday classes or extra afternoon classes.

Consider Extra Classes…

saturday and afternoon classes


I am one of the people who would have failed my matric had I also not considered the Saturday school. These are a few reasons for considering extra tuition:



  • You have more individualized attention, and the tutor can focus on your weaknesses and give you more time till you manage to master that particular area
  • You have more time to redo the activities again. If you take a look at the normal school day, everything is fast paced as teachers are rushing to complete the curriculum. Bit extra classes gives you the opportunity to redo these at a slower pace leading to a better understanding
  • More freedom of expression. You will discover that you will get comfortable with your tutor and tell them your challenges unlike in a school where some might be even afraid to ask questions lest they be made fun of and laughed at
  • Less negative competition. Competition in school with your mates is good but some of it is negative as it leads to the envy kind of competition as well as fighting for the best attention from the teacher. This eliminates all this and you relax knowing that you have your personal tutor.
  • Meeting you people who might be the best friends and having the same mindset as you and helping each other is another advantage.

Again, as a close, the matric stage should be taken seriously and acted upon carefully to make sure you avoid gaps from developing in your subjects as you move from grade 10 through to 12. All the best to those who graduate from grade 9 to the matric stage which begins in grade 10. And for those in grade 12 finishing up the matric stage, may your years of investment start paying off.

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