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Matric Upgrade (N3) or Technical Matric

The Department of Education has many different curriculum changes that it has made since 1994. And because of the changes, many people who did not pass a particular curriculum during its time at times find themselves stranded in not knowing what to do-whether they do the new curriculum or what.

What is Technical Matric?

One of the many confusions is in the Technical Matric usually called N3. Technical Matric is like a bridge between the old syllabus curriculum where it used to be Higher Grade and Standard Grade as we as the New Curriculum Statement (NCS) that was introduced in 2008.

What value does Technical Matric (N3) have?

Its value can be said to be at a standard grade value as passing it does not qualify one to study at some of the tertiary institutions like Universities. This means that if ever one is to do N3, they need to fully know what they want to do in their careers.

I meet a lot of people who come and say they want to do N3 as it is much simpler, and when you ask them what they want to do in life, they tell you that they will decide what to do after getting the Matric. This type of thinking is risky especially when you discover that what you then want to do after getting the N3 is above the standard of the N3, meaning you are still at the starting point

So the question is who then is appropriate to do N3?

To answer in simple terms, when you decide to do Technical Matric, first find out if the career you want to do needs it as a minimum requirement. If it does, then go ahead and do it gladly. And if not, face the challenging NCS and do your best to pass it. Its better that way as it eliminates unnecessary stresses, anxiety and frustrations not to mention the time lost. Someone once said it is not wise to be quick to climb a ladder only to discover when you reached the top that it was leaning against a wrong wall.

Who have benefited from Technical Matric?

Technical Matric is still the answer to other people’s careers and thank you to the Department of Education for allowing it to continue running up to this time. Many have improved their lives, many have gotten promotions through it, many have managed to raise their families through the qualification and its role will continue to benefit the relevant people.

For those deciding which Matric curriculum to write, Technical Matric or New Curriculum Statement, the answer is you need to find out about yourself, then the question will answer itself. What must you find out? You must first find out from yourself who you are and what you want to be in life, when that question is answered, it will determine the choice that you will make that qualifies you to be that; either Technical Matric or NCS.

I hope this answered your questions. If you need more clarity, feel free to leave a comment below.

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