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Matric Upgrade

Matric Upgrade

The Matric Grade Joy

Finishing Grade 12 is a big relief and escape from the sufferings of the year. You can agree with me that Grade 12 is a year filled with so may emotions that makes the year memorable. There are feelings of joy as you arrive on your first day at school from the December holidays. The joy is that you made it to the last grade after four years of your high school or rather 11 years of your schooling if you did not repeat the grade of cause.

The fear..

But get into the class and after hearing the different sermons, lectures, advices from the teachers immidiately fear starts creeping in. You console yourself telling yourself that ‘as for me I will pass my Matric’ but in two weeks down the line you discover that indeed the teachers were somehow telling the truth. Matric is no child’s play.

You try catching up and with surprise you realise it is Term 1 exams and you know nothing. You look up again and it is June exams. While you are still doing corrections of June, you hear that Prelim timetable is out. You are still disappointed by your Prelim marks and alas, the first final paper starts tomorrow.

The failure…

Isn’t it how fast the grade 12 time flies. Matric is a fast ride and with no time, you find yourself in a depressed mode after the exams. You are hoping you made it by luck but deep inside you know that you know that you failed. But well you wait for December and your fears are real, you failed the most important subjects of your career.

But the question is what do you do?

Simple and plain; pick yourself up as quickly as possible as get into the race again and upgrade your Matric. Re-write your matric the very following year because if you let it pass, you will be sitting 10 years down the line still remembering your failures.

You don’t have the luxury and time to keep licking and nursing your wounds or playing the blame game. The best action is to take action and decide to rewrite you matric. And within a year, you will discover you corrected your life from taking a dead end and now you are on your way to your dreams.

As Ekurhuleni Tech, we bring back the lost hope, the lost dreas but allowing those who want to re-write their Matric an opportunity to learn again but at a relaxed pace and this time without fear of the failure.

We provide full support, literally we hold you by hand till your exam day. And not only do we leave you confident, you are also assured after the exam that you did make it this time.

As Ekurhuleni Tech, we will do whatever it takes to help you.

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