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Workers consistently need skills development and upliftment if you are to produce an effective workforce. This makes them more effective, efficient and an investment in the long term. Engineering studies N1-N3 for company workers will assist you in finding suitable courses for your workers in 2022

Workers in the engineering field such as mechanical and electrical field are always having skills shortages. This is due to few qualified artisans which makes this field a high in demand field. On the other hand, employees who are not satisfied in one company easily jumps ship to another company that is prepared to offer better benefits. This then results in high labour turnover. Companies are therefore encouraged to come up with an effective strategy that will keep their employees motivated and rooted.

The best way to keep employees rooted and motivated in the engineering sector is through different skills development. If we further zoom in on this area, enrolling your employees for engineering related studies has proven to be a big motivator for employees.

If you are a company with workers in the different fields, the consider registering them for N1-N3 engineering studies. Depending on the number of workers, the course is offered through part-time, full-time or distance learning.

Enroll your employees for one of the following courses under N1-N3:

Registrations for these courses are open throughout the year. Call the office to find the best offer we can give to your employees.

Register for Engineering N1-N3 for company workers with Ekurhuleni Technical College in 2022