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Technical Matric is a National Senior Certificate that can be obtained by completing FOUR N3 subjects and adding compulsory two languages Sake Afrikaans and Business English. The N3 certificate equivalent to matric is the best way to obtain your matric and has many advantages compared to the normal matric done in schools. We will look at the advantages of N3 equivalent to Matric.

N3 Technical Matric by Umalusi

N3 certificate equivalent to Matric is issued by the regulatory body Umalusi for more information click here and exams are conducted by the Department of Higher Education and Training. The National exams are written three times a year in April, August and November.  With N3 certificate equivalent to Matric it makes it then relevant as an alternative to those who cannot do the normal Matric. With N3 Technical Matric you can apply for jobs, study further and use it for any place requiring a National Senior Certificate.

N3 equivalent to matric in 6 months

To complete N3 Technical Matric it takes a minimum of 8-12 months depending on your pace and study needs. However the actual contact time needed in studying N3 Technical Matric is 6 months. This makes N4 certificate equivalent to matric quicker and faster and less stressful compared to the current matric being done.

Requirements for N3 certificate equivalent to Matric

To obtain N3 Certificate equivalent to matric, you only need to be able to do Sake Afrikaans and Business English and be mature enough to study the N3 matric subjects. That is the only requirement, and no need for prior schooling or report. However emphasis should be placed on an individual being mature and able to study the subjects. If these are challenging, the student can alternatively start them from N1 or N2. The N3 subjects range from simple subjects to more challenging subjects. Depending on your career paths, the type of N3 matric subjects you choose to complete your N3 Technical Matric will then vary. The simpler N3 matric subjects include subjects as Supervision in Industry, Industrial Orientation, Industrial Organisation and Planning, Mechanotechnology, Engineering Science and Mathematics. Other subjects can also be done to obtain your N3 Technical Matric. Careers in Light and Heavy Current, Mechanical Engineering, Motor and Diesel, Civil Engineering, Boiler Making etc. can be pursued through the N3 Technical Matric. Please note that all the matric N3 subjects are technical matric subjects and mainly for those who want to pursue a career in Engineering studies. For those who want to do other higher studies from n4 and above in business studies they however have to do the technical matric subjects if they want to obtain their N3 Technical Matric.

How to Study for N3 Certificate Equivalent to Matric

There are many ways you can study for the N3 Technical Matric Certificate. The best way to choose depends on the place you stay and time availability on the part of the student. We as Ekurhuleni Tech College are situated in Krugersdorp CBD in the Westrand in Gauteng and our exam Centre is in Pretoria. Let us look at the common options below:

 Technical matric correspondence

Technical Matric correspondence the currently the best way people are now completing their matric. Technical Matric correspondence is online matric whereby students are registered and supported with study material and n3 technical matric past exam papers and assignments for their term mark. The students then come for the final exams in Pretoria. Technical Matric correspondence is much cheaper, more convenient especially for the working people and also more flexible. With Technical Matric correspondence option, the most important thing is that of discipline and perseverance to study your books continuously. We have had many success stories with technical matric correspondence students and they have managed to get their much needed N3 Technical Matric. As previously mentioned, the n3 technical matric past exam papers given are a great way to also revise your work as the syllabus has not changed ever since. The exam questions keep repeating and with the textbook, the n3 technical matric past exam papers and videos on selected subjects, passing has never been more certain.

Part-time and full time classes for N3 Technical Matric

Apart from technical matric correspondence, we have part-time and full-time classes for those near Krugersdorp. Full-time classes are attended from Mondays to Thursdays while part-time classes are attended on Saturdays. The classes are intense and give all the necessary understanding needed for one to be more than prepared to write their final exams. Part-time classes are also offering the advantage of monthly tests which help students to prepare for their final exams. This makes it easier for them to pass the final exams without struggle.

What to do next to obtain N3 Certificate Equivalent Matric

To obtain the N3 Certificate Equivalent to Matric, registration is open depending whether you want to write exams in April, July/August or November. With the three trimesters in place, you can register today and start your journey in obtaining your N3 Technical Matric. Register today for your N3 Technical Matric and get all the support you need and we will surely help you meet your goals. N3 Technical Matric is the best and most chosen way to obtain your N3 Certificate Equivalent Matric.

If you have more questions on N3 Technical Matric please leave a comment below and we will gladly revert back to you.

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