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One of the most asked questions by students is to have a sample certificate of N3 matric. Below we have provided the N3 certificate sample for your better understanding. The N3 certificate sample provided above has some of the details removed for privacy.

Also please note that the N3 certificate sample provided is only for guidance and the subjects shown can be changed depending on the individual. Below is more information on how you can obtain your own Matric N3 Senior Certificate.

Also for more information regarding registration for Technical Matric N3 please click here

Requirements for Technical Matric N3 Certificate

N3 certificate is obtained by passing FOUR N3 subjects under engineering studies and the Department of Higher Education issues you an N3 Certificate.

Please note to avoid common confusion, there is an N3 Certificate and there is also an N3 Matric certificate. These two are different. Please continue reading below for more understanding.

N3 Certificate Sample

Below is an National N3 certificate sample. From the certificate one can see that the subjects obtained are under engineering studies. The subjects also can be studied either all at once in one exam sitting or in different exams sittings.

The National N3 certificate sample shown above is for student who wrote the subjects in two different exam sittings, which is August exams as well as November exams. Hence from the N3 sample certificate one can see the different months shown after the subject, which is the two exam sittings the student took.

The National N3 certificate sample also shows you that these exams are certified by Umalusi and DHET (Department of Higher Education and Training). The exams to obtain an N3 certificate are therefore national exams.

N3 certificate requirements

N3 certification requirements are not as complicated as most people think. The most common N3 certificate requirement is for one to have passed and obtained an N2 certificate on the same or similar subjects. However this is not a must.

Alternatively a person who already has a Senior Certificate (Matric) can qualify to do N3 in the similar subjects. This is because N3 certification is at a Matric level. (Please note that N3 certification is NOT Technical Matric N3 certification. We will talk about that later in the post.)

There is a great book written on how you can obtain your N3 Matric Certificate when you are out of school. Read more and download the book here

Subjects one can take under N3 certification

There are many subjects to choose from to obtain an N3 certificate. One can choose simple general subjects if the aim is simple to end up having a Technical Matric (we will talk about that shortly). You can also obtain N3 certification under the following fields. In all these fields the student needs to pass FOUR subjects to obtain an N3 certificate.

• Electrical Engineering Light Current
• Electrical Engineering Heavy Current
• Millwright
• Civil Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering-Fitting and Turning
• Motor and Diesel
• Boilermaking/Welding

N3 certificate equivalent matric

The most common advantage of N3 certification is that it can quickly lead you in obtaining your Matric referred to as Technical Matric N3. Hence N3 certificate equivalent matric simple means that the N3 certificate can be used to obtain your matric certificate.

Technical Matric N3 requirements

Technical Matric N3 can be obtained by passing FOUR N3 subjects and adding two compulsory languages Business English and Sake Afrikaans. The first requirement is for you to obtain an N3 certification and then add the two languages.

N3 Technical Matric certificate sample

Below is an N3 Technical Matric certificate sample which shows the student who obtained the N3 certification previously mentioned and went on further to add two languages and combined them with the four subjects obtained under N3 certificate.

Umalusi Technical Matric N3 Certificate

Technical Matric N3 certificate is issued by Umalusi. According to Umalusi website, it states the following about their role: “Umalusi Council sets and monitors standards for general and further education and training in South Africa in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework Act No 67 of 2008 and the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Act No 58 of 2001“. Please read more

DHET-Department of Higher Education and Training role

The exams for Technical Matric N3 are offered by the DHET. These subjects are called Engineering subjects as shown on the certificate above. The exams for the engineering subjects shown above are offered by DHET. The role that the DHET plays is to facilitate the exams and then offer students statements as well as certificates after they have been released by Umalusi.

Technical matric certificate

Technical Matric certificate is the best way for one to obtain their matric as well as still continue in their career. For a person who wants say to do electrical engineering up to a diploma level but does not have matric, the best thing will be to do their N1 to N6 by taking subjects under electrical engineering. The when they have obtained an N3 certificate, they can add the two languages and get their Technical matric certificate.

Technical matric certificate is thus a career oriented certificate as well as an important document needed as we all know that to apply be it for a job or further studies, you will be required to produce your matric certificate. And for you it will be the technical matric certificate that you will provide.

Register for N3 certificate today

Consider registering today to study for your N3 Matric certificate. We are open for registrations and the exams sittings depending on the time can be in March/April, July/August or November. You an choose to study through correspondence learning or through contact classes if you are near our college in Krugersdorp, Westrand.

Alternatively register for Technical Matric through correspondence learning by studying four content subjects and adding two languages Business English and Sake Afrikaans. The two languages are written only in November, hence consider registering today.

Download our fees and registration forms on our website or send us an email to: or call us on 011 040 7343 and we will gladly assist you with any of your questions

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