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Technical Matric N3

N3 Matric

Ever considered doing N3 matric and want to find out more about what it is all about. Read more below

What is N3 Matric?

N3 Matric is by definition Technical Matric N3 National Senior Certificate. Other names commonly referred to N3 Matric are N3 Senior Certificate, Technical Matric N3 and Technical Matric.

The qualification is a Department of Higher Education and Training qualification. To obtain N3 Matric you need to pass 4 four (4) N3 Engineering subjects plus two languages-Business English and Sake Afrikaans.

Why choose N3 Matric

N3 Matric is the best route you can choose to complete your Matric especially if you are out of school. The qualification involves instructional offerings that are more work oriented and relevant to workplace experience.

Today a matric certificate is no longer a choice but a basic requirement for one to advance in life. Without matric many are facing challenges ranging from unemployment, frustrations and stagnation.

Some of the people who are working are faced with the challenge of completing their Matric certificate. They are increasing getting pressure from their workplace to complete their matric or lose their jobs. The challenge faced is to balance the time needed for work, family and now complete your matric.

Advantages of N3 Matric

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The best solution that can be given to this group of people is to do N3 Matric. The following are the reasons why they must choose N3 Matric:

  • N3 Matric or Technical Matric can be done online through distance learning/correspondence. This means you can learn from your home and balance work, family and studies through distance learning. Read more about N3 Matric online or correspondence
  • N3 Matric involves more practical subjects that are related to the everyday workplace life making it much easier to understand the subjects
  • N3 Matric when studied through us has more advantages in that it comes with videos for the modules to be studied. This makes it easily understand the modules as you have better explanation of the book. It is like you are attending classes.
  • N3 Matric has different exam times with exams written every three-four months. This means that you can write the subjects in a year or less and complete your matric
  • As a result of having different exam times, this means that should you fail some of the subjects, you can rewrite them and still complete it within your time frame

N3 Matric and Old syllabus 

N3 Matric

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N3 matric can be combined with the Old syllabus subjects that were written before 2007. If a person passed some of the subjects during their old matric exams and they want to complete their matric they can do N3 subjects.

After passing the correct number of subjects the student can then combine the subjects and obtain a Senior certificate.

Please note that the Old syllabus subjects only can combine with N3 subjects. The Old syllabus was written on or before 2007. Also ABET centers commonly known as ‘Knight School’ also used to offer the Old syllabus till 2014.

The simple differentiator for someone who is confused whether they did Old syllabus or not is to check the grading on your statement. If the subjects are rated using symbols such as ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ etc. then you wrote the Old syllabus. However if the rating you are having is ‘Level 1’, ‘Level 2’, till ‘Level 7’ then you cannot combine with N3 subjects.

For more information regarding N3 Matric and how you can register you can click here.

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