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What Is Technical Matric?

Technical Matric is a National Senior Certificate by the Department of Further Education and Training. You can now obtain your National Senior Certificate (Matric), by completing four (4) Technical Matric (N3) Subjects, then adding Sake Afrikaans and Business English as the two compulsory languages. Thereby giving you a total of 6 Subjects, which are required for a National Senior Certificate (Matric).

Why study Technical Matric through Correspondence

Technical Matric through Distance Learning or what some call it Correspondence is one of the best ways to complete your Matric at the same time not disrupting your current commitments-what we can call it killing two or even three birds with one stone. Technical Matric through distance learning thus offers you an opportunity to get your Matric Certificate much easier and more conveniently. If you are considering the option of doing correspondence then it is worth doing.

Challenges of Correspondence Learning

However before looking at all the good part of doing Technical Matric through Distance Learning, let us look at the challenges that it comes with and if you overcome these challenges then it will be worth your investment and time.

  • As already mentioned, it is easy to lose both your investment of time and money if you want to register matric through correspondence but not willing to do the work it requires. Doing Technical Matric through Correspondence requires more discipline and focus compared to those who attend contact classes. This is because it is easy to take your eyes of your goal when life gets in the way and in three months time when exams comes, you discover you are not ready. Hence discipline and focus is a character you have to develop into.


  • Technical Matric through Distance Learning or Correspondence cannot be fully likened to a contact class where challenges are dealt with in person and your misunderstandings of certain concepts solved. It can bring some frustrations when you want sudden answers during your study time and you cannot get the immediate help. However the video material provided are meant to work with the books provided so that it complements the contact classes. The videos are similar to the class notes which then becomes an advantage. A sample of videos are provided below.


  • Studying alone requires more mental strength and commitment than when with a group to keep yourself accountable. Hence the presence of a mentor/guide assigned to you when you register to lead you by the hand should you face some roadblocks.


  • Willingness to come and write exams in Pretoria is at times strenuous to students who leave far from Gauteng province. Alternatives of making students write their exams at FET/TVET colleges is the best alternatives however students must look for their nearest college to talk to them about using their centre for exam only purpose and if they allow then we take it from there. Alternatively accommodation can be organised to students who want to come fro exams however at their expense.


Consider doing Technical Matric through Correspondence today

Register today for Technical Matric through correspondence and get your National Senior Certificate at the comfort of your own time. The investment is worth the future you have been postponing for so long. If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

What support will you get

With correspondence classes students are provided with the following:

  • Study material (textbooks)
  • Previous question papers with memos.
  • Video material (helps our students to understand the subjects even more better ‘as if they were attending class’. These are 24 minutes lessons which has seen most of our students passing the subjects with good marks). Check a sample of videos below.

How to register

Register for Matric with us by completing the registration form below and emailing the supporting documents as stated in the registration form including your a copy of your ID. Also included are the study fees for completing Technical matric or part of the subjects.

For more information on these please call or visit our offices at No.3 Mogale Square, Rissik and President Street in Krugersdorp

Phone: 011 040 7343.  CELL: 073 770 3028


Watch Video to learn more about Technical Matric

Technical Matric N3 Certificate

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