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The Department of Higher Education has at last committed to begin NASCA registrations from June 2022 with the first exams expected a year later in May-June 2023. NASCA stands for National Senior Certificate for Adults and is a new matric certificate focused mainly on adults. According to the tender document published on the 20th of August 2021 “The first examination for NASCA will be in May-June 2023…”

Brief background on NASCA

NASCA is a new Senior Certificate by the Department of Higher Education and Technology that is obtained by passing four subjects with a minimum of 50%. Mathematics (or Quantitative Literacy) and one language of choice are compulsory subjects. NASCA is a year long study with registrations starting in May-June and exams written a year after. Students do not need any prior qualification to register for NASCA and anyone can register for the senior certificate. Classes are compulsory however to ensure one passes, it is importance to have guidance be it through physical classes or through online classes. Read more on What is NASCA Here

NASCA has long delayed and was supposed to be rolled out in June 2021 after the phasing out of Technical Matric, however due to reasons only known by DHET and Umalusi, it has been postponed and is now expected to be rolled out from June 2022. This is good news to adults who have been left stranded and without direction on what to do with their studies especially with the current high unemployment levels. The requirements for job applications are now compulsory for one to have a Senior certificate and NASCA’s importance cannot be over emphasised.

NASCA Registrations

NASCA registrations are expected to begin in May/June 2022 after the DHET details out plans on how these will be conducted. However like any matric, the rollout is expected to be smooth as it fits in the already cancelled Technical Matric Senior Certificate. The final exams are expected to be written in public ABET centres (CET colleges) as well as private colleges who are registered with Umalusi. The first Senior Certificate is expected to be issued on or before end of 2023.

The department of higher education has published a tender document requesting potential service providers / consultant /consultants / experts to submit proposals for a tender to develop assessment resources for 25 GETCA and 17 NASCA subjects. The tender document was published on 20 August 2021 with the closing date and time on 13 September 2021 at 11:00.

In brief the document outlines the following to be developed before the launch of NASCA

  • To appoint a suitable service provider to develop assessment resources for 25 GETCA and 17 NASCA subjects. The assessment resources are:
  • Assessment and Examination Guidelines;
  • Assessment Exemplars (one per subject); and
  • Subject Assessment manuals on subjects for GETCA and NASCA

The preparation of the above is expected to be completed with a 90-day period by the preferred service provider upon which the next phase of preparation will be explained. DHET is yet to do advocacy on NASCA to help community to be aware of the the new matric and its requirements.

The following are envisaged from NASCA

  • Just like any other Senior Certificate, NASCA will replace Technical Matric N3 which was offered in colleges, however it is a new totally different matric in its own right.
  • NASCA will require students to get a minimum of 50% pass mark in all the four subjects to obtain the certificate. This looks like a tall order judging from the current 30% that students in normal high school are required to get to obtain a pass in some of the subjects.
  • NASCA will be a year long of preparation and exams combined.
  • The curriculums for the subjects are already published and downloadable on the links below.

Curriculum Statements For Different Subjects


Quantitative Literacy

Natural Sciences (Biology, Physics and Chemistry)

Human and Social Sciences (History and Geography)

Information and communication technology (ICT)

Economic and Management Sciences (Economics, Business and Finance)

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