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Welder Career

Welders play an important role in our society. According to National Scarce Skills List, welders are listed as one of the skills shortage in South Africa. The salary for welders is very competitive with lots of benefits attached to it such as overtime, off call, allowances etc.

Welders are people who are able to fabricate and put together metal parts. Their career paths include working as a welder, assembler, machine operator, construction or manufacturing welding technicians or supervisors, welding inspector, engineer, robotics repair and maintenance etc.


Course requirements


Grade 9 or 10 (with Mathematics, Science and Drawing) or relevant experience or an equivalent qualification

NQF Level Status


Subjects/Course Modules

  • Mathematics N1
  • Engineering Science N1
  • Engineering Drawing N1
  • Metal Workers Theory N1

Assessment and Duration

 National Exams are conducted by Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and also monitored by Umalusi. The course takes from 3-6 months or 1-2 trimesters. You can write all the subjects at once or split them. There are three trimesters in a year:

  1. Trimester 1: January to April 
  2. Trimester 2: May to August
  3. Trimester 3 September to December

Student must complete 2 internal assessments to contribute towards your term mark (ICASS mark) and must achieve 40% and above to qualify for final exam sitting

Achievement and Award

The following certificate is awarded by Umalusi upon successful completion of each level:

  • Certificate of Achievement N1: Engineering Studies

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