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Having no Matric National Senior Certificate is one of the most challenges people are facing these days and passing matric is becoming more and more difficult. Some of the people have stayed years and years without matric and this has affected them in getting the things they desire in life.

Some of the people however have managed to achieve quiet good success without having matric certificate and my belief is that they could have even achieved more than they are today had they had matric earlier. But with or without matric national senior certificate, my thinking is that you can still succeed in life. The problem people do not make it without matric is that they believe matric is the only key that can open their doors of destiny. This belief is partly true and partly false.

However still getting matric is very important is one’s life for their personal fulfillment that they walked the course

Get matric in than 6 months

With most people, they still think that getting matric is getting hard and hard as pass rates are getting lower and lower. But the interesting thing is that you can pass Matric national senior certificate more easily today than before. This is especially true with Technical Matric National Senior Certificate.

Technical Matric National Senior Certificate is a Department of Higher Education and Training Senior Certificate which is accredited by Umalusi and is equivalent to the normal matric certificate students obtain. The Technical Matric mostly known as N3 Certificate is obtained by passing six (6) subjects of which two of them are Business English and Sake Afrikaans. These two subjects are compulsory. The other four subjects are of your choice and you can choose from the subjects we offer. Click here to see more subjects we offer.

Did you know Technical Matric can be obtained in less than 8 months of studying

Matric rewrite schools or colleges

Matric rewrite schools are many and this can be confusing for someone who is just looking for which school to go to for the first time. Most schools offer the same subjects and studies however the only difference in these schools is the level of quality and commitment to you as a student to ensure you pass your exams.

One of the colleges that carefully walk with the learners in their studies ensuring that the all of them pass is Ekurhuleni Tech College popularly known as ET College. The ET College assist the learners from the time they resister and remains committed to them till they pass all their subjects most of the times ensuring that this happens first time minimizing any possible failure or rewriting.

ET College understands that most of the students it helps are working and with this in mind does its best in trying to fit in the schedule of these students who desire to learn but have problem when it comes to time.

Matric certificate online

ET College has also one extra special service it provides to its students which is distance learning. ET College does correspondence or distance learning in which students are sent study material and assignments as well as videos in selected subjects. The students are able to study on their own time and only come to the exam in Pretoria.

To learn more about Technical Matric do not hesitate to contact us on 011 040 7343 or email us at or alternatively you can leave your question in the comments box below and we will revert back to you.