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Registration for Sake Afrikaans and Business English will be closing soon for 2019. Register today and ensure you write the two languages in November.

The Department of Higher Education and Training made changes to the dates in which languages are normally registered. For 2019, the languages registrations will be closing on the second week of March. We encourage those who want to ensure that they are not left out to register soon.

Important of Technical Matric languages

To obtain a National Senior Certificate under engineering studies you need to two compulsory languages: Sake Afrikaans and Business English. You then combine these two languages with any four N3 Technical Subjects to obtain your National Senior Certificate.

Open book exams

Sake Afrikaans and Business English are all open book exams. This means that you bring your study books into the exam. The student is allowed to bring a maximum of 5-7 books which include dictionaries, textbooks, and any notes into the exam hall.

Registration of the two languages

Registration for the two N3 languages is closing soon. Ensure you register before these close. The languages unlike all other Technical subjects are only written once in a year. Hence if you miss your 2017 exams it means you will have to wait for 2018 November exams.

If you want to register for these languages, visit our website on to find more information. You can download all the necessary information from our website and complete it and send it back to us and we will process your application.

Register for Sake Afrikaans and Business English Today

Ensure you register for the two languages in order to write them in November. If you miss this time you will forfeit your chances of getting your Technical Matric Certificate as you need the two languages for a national senior certificate.

If you have more question regarding Technical Matric languages, you can leave a comment below and we will greatly help you.