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Technical Matric Senior Certificate through Correspondence

The belief of many people is that to complete your matric you have to sit in class and attend everyday and you cannot do it through distance learning. This is indeed true especially for the current CAPS curriculum which is demanding, however it is not true with Technical Matric. Technical Matric correspondence is possible with many people now choosing that option especially those who are working and busy.

The most leading University in Distance Learning through Correspondence is UNISA. UNISA Matric rewrite is also being done by the University. Other leading colleges that are doing Technical matric Correspondence include Ekurhuleni Tech College, Damelin, Intec College and Taalnet Collegewith many others also doing it now. This shows that Technical Matric Correspondence is now being preferred by many people compared to before.

Doing distance learning at first was viewed with negative eyes because of the lack of support that students used to get, however this has changed now. The support students get almost match the support they would have got if they were attending school.

Technical Matric through Correspondence with Ekurhuleni Tech College

Ekurhuleni Tech College excels in conducting Technical Matric through correspondence. The college prides itself in the support it offers students during the course of their studies. Apart from giving students books and assignments, the college assigns a personal teacher/mentor to each student who walk with the student hand to hand during their studies. Any questions or problems they face are dealt with immediately mostly within 12-24 hours depending on the time of contact.

The college also offers video material similar to the class lesson. This means that the student also has an experience of the exact lesson as is delivered in the class. The video material gives students extra help and more guidance and offer in-depth understanding of the subject that they will be doing include the apporach to exam questions.

Writing exams

Students then come for exams from wherever province their situated in and write their exams at a common venue in Pretoria. (Please note that venues are certified by the Department of Education hence they cannot be easily changed). Students can also use their local TVET colleges previously known as FET colleges to register for their exams however this usually cost more money as part of the expenses have to go to the exam college. However this saves time and money for those coming from very far places).

Get your senior certificate through correspondence

With many now opting to complete their Matric Senior Certificate through distance learning, then if you are also in the same category and you are battling with time to attend classes, consider doing your Technical Matric Senior Certificate through correspondence. With us we assure you of quality support and quality passes.

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