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Technical Matric has never been easier to complete with the current correspondence studies that makes it possible to complete it in the comfort of your time. The current Technical Matric registrations open for 2017 are for term 2 or second trimester which will begin in April 2017.

The closing date for the first exams for 2017 was on the 27th of January and the exams are going to be written in March/April 2017. This gives the candidates enough time to prepare for their exam. In as much as time is limited proper use of it will help ensure quality passes for everyone.

Registration for term two now open

The Technical Matric registrations for the second trimester or term two is also now open and the exam registrations will close on the 12 of May 2017. The registrations for the second term are crucial as it will ensure you complete your matric this year in 2017.

This means that you will register for three subjects and write them in July/August exams and again register for three subjects and write them in November exams.

Technical Matric correspondence registrations for the second trimester is the most that people choose.

How to ensure you pass your March/April exams

Technical Matric through correspondence must be carefully planned by the person having such studies as a small relaxing can be disastrous. This is especially true when it comes to term one candidates who have the smallest time compared to all the other remaining two terms. Below are some of the suggestions that candidates can use to their advantage

  • Avoid postponing your studies.

The mind has a habit of always wanting to postpone difficult tasks especially when they are related to mental tasks like studying. However since your resolutions are still fresh, you have the best advantage of turning this battle to your favor by keeping your resolutions in front of you in which I believe one of those resolutions will be to finish your Matric. If they are not part of your resolutions then it means your studies are not important to you. I will suggest you add them today as this will give you mental strength when fatigue and the tendency to procrastinate start creeping in.

  • Do not do too much at one time.

Avoid the temptation of wanting to do too much studying at the same time. There is a popular adage which says ‘How do you eat an elephant?’, and the answer is ‘one bite at a time. Or ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. What I simply mean is that just study for a few minutes each day progressively. This brings me to the next point.

  • Be consistent in your studies.

Try to be consistent in your studies but also avoid too much routine as your mind might play tricks on you. By saying be consistent, I mean that you must always make it a point every day that you do your studies. Times can change in which it can be while you are cooking, about to sleep, or during your lunch time at work, but make sure the day does not end without you studying.

  • Create a small book for your notes.

Writing your own notes has a magic way of making your mind grasp and master what you are writing. If you did not know, something magical happens between our hands and our brains when we start writing. Sore-write your notes.

With a few days left for the first Technical matric exams and you having chosen to study through correspondence, remember that where there is a will there is a way. All the best of luck.

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