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What is Technical Matric?

Technical Matric (N3 Matric)

Technical Matric commonly known as N3 Matric is a Matric Certificate that is equivalent to the current National Senior Certificate. Its NQF level is Level 4 according to South African Qualifications Framework (SAQA) same as the current Senior Certificate.

The Department of Higher Education and Technology allowed this parallel Matric to be offered in colleges so as to afford equal opportunity to those who left school without Matric certificate to still complete their Matric.

Technical Matric is, therefore, a much easier and much quicker way one can get their Matric Certificate.  Given time frames, one can complete their Matric Certificate between 8 months to 11 months.

Why Technical Matric

Technical Matric, when compared to the current Matric, has many advantages. Please note that this does not take away the advantages of the current Matric certificate and if given an opportunity to do it and if able, then it is always a priority to follow the current metric offered by the Department.

The advantages, therefore, ought to be viewed in light of what is affecting you in not to getting a Matric certificate.

Advantages of Technical Matric:

Technical Matric faster to complete

Technical Matric is much quicker and faster to complete and can be done within a year. It can be done from 8-11 months. However when you consider the current CAPS curriculum, to get Matric can also be done in one year but has proved countless times that it is very difficult if not impossible and ends up taking two to three years.

This is because with current CAPS curriculum, one will be writing the same exams the current learners are writing and to be frank, the current learners who attend everyday battle to barely pass with 30% (while attending every day and having done their Grade 10 and 11).

When you consider your situation, it is possible that there has been months or years you last attended school if you finished some time back or dropped out before Grade 12. This makes it even more challenging for one to complete all the six subjects. This then ends up taking 2-3 years to fully complete it.









 Technical Matric much easier

  • Technical Matric is much easier than current Matric. Technical Matric subjects are quite easy to pass and cater for both working and full-time students. This makes it possible to do it without having to change your plans such as having to quit your job or attend night school. It can be done while working.  
  • This leads to the third advantage that Technical Matric can be done part-time or full-time or even through distance learning. Students do pass it with much easier compared to the current curriculum which cannot be done part-time or distance. To do part time on CAPS then requires one to do few subjects at a time making it take too long to complete.

 Technical Matric can be written more than once in a year

  • Technical Matric is written three times in a year, meaning should you happen to fail some of the subjects, you can redo them in the same year and still get your certificate. This is not the case with the current curriculum which is done yearly and failing means waiting for another year to remedy the fail.


Other advantages of Technical Matric

  • Technical Matric is cheaper than current Matric because the time taken to do it is less. 
  • Technical Matric can qualify you to study at Universities such as TUT which accepts it but must consider the subjects you take especially for engineering studies.  
  • The subjects studied in Technical Matric are more relevant and prepares one for work more than the current matric. One gets the skills on being a supervisor, leadership, and entrepreneurship just to mention a few.

There are many advantages but also this does not mean that there are no disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of Technical Matric are as follows:

Disadvantages of Technical Matric

  • Some Universities do not recognize Technical Matric as they want the current Matric  
  • It requires everyone to do Afrikaans as one of the Languages which is a problem to most people especially for those who do not have an Afrikaans background.  
  • Exams are in three months and exams come too quicker for some who feel it is too fast passed and cannot cope.

However, when you consider advantages and disadvantages, Technical Matric is more a better option to those who do not have Matric and want to have their Matric certificate especially in the current times when every job requires one to have Matric as a minimum qualification.

Should you need more information on Technical Matric? Do not hesitate to leave your comments below and we will gladly answer them.

Some people have successfully managed to complete their Technical Matric and below is an example of a person who has managed to complete their Technical Matric Senior Certificate. 

Technical Matric N3 Sample Certificate

N3 Sample certificate

Technical Matric N3 Sample Certificate

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