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Technical Matric N3 is phasing out in 2020
Technical Matric N3 is phasing out

Technical Matric N3 National Senior Certificate has been the best alternative route for those who want to complete their matric after being out of school. With Technical matric N3, any person from 17 years and above can do it.

There is good news and bad news regarding this senior certificate.

The good news is that you can register for it for 2020 and the registration process is already open.

The bad news is that they will be phasing it out is 2021. Technical Matric N3 phasing is out in 2021 and this is real. Read more here

Consider registering for the National Senior Certificate under Technical Matric N3 and complete your matric in 2020. They are many advantages of Technical Matric compared to any other matric and there is lots of information on that. Read more on advantages of Technical matric here

Consider registering for technical matric today. We are open for registration for Technical Matric N3 and there is a special fee for those who will register before the end of the year. Find out more information here.

Do you want to save on fees in 2020, then now is the time to consider registering for Technical Matric N3 in 2020. Register today!

Technical matric N3 is phasing out and must not leave you without your completed matric. You need to take action now and complete your matric.

What are the requirements to do Technical Matric N3

There are basically no major requirements for someone who wants to do Technical Matric. The main requirement is the ability to write Afrikaans as one of the languages.

For one to get Technical Matric, you need to pass six (6) subjects. Four are content subjects of your choice under N3 subjects. These range from simple to more advanced subjects. The other two subjects are the languages which Business English and Sake Afrikaans.

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