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Technical Matric N3-The best way to complete your Matric certificate


If you want to know more about Technical Matric Senior Certificate, then this article will give more light. Ekurhuleni Tech College is the best college in the country that offers Technical Matric either full-time, part-time or online (distance learning) depending where you are situated. Ekurhuleni tech College is situated in Krugersdorp in Gauteng. Visit for more information. Continue reading below on Technical Matric. The video below will also explain more on Technical Matric N3

What is Technical Matric?

You can now obtain your National Senior Certificate (Technical Matric N3), by completing four (4) Subjects, then adding Sake Afrikaans and Business English as two languages. Thereby giving you a total of 6 Subjects, which are required for a National Senior Certificate (Matric). The certificate is offered by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

N3 Technical Matric is equivalent to normal matric and involves certain courses. These Matric equivalent courses are much easier to understand and can be studied over three months. Technical Matric N3 can be done by anyone who wants to study it provided they are able to do Sake Afrikaans as one of the languages. It is also recommended for those who tried matric rewrite old curriculum or adult matric. So if you have no matric at whatever age you can do N3 matric as the best choice.

How can you study for Technical Matric

There are many ways in which you can complete your Technical Matric studies and are discussed in brief below:

Studying Technical Matric full time

You can study N3 matric full time with us at Eekurhuleni Tech College. The full time classes are more intense, giving more understanding at a comfortable pace giving enough time for one to understand. The classes are from every Mondays to Thursdays . These are suitable for self employed or those who are free during the afternoons everyday

Part time matric

Studying matric part time is another option you can choose if full-time is a challenge. To study Matric part time means coming on Saturdays or making a special arrangement to see if the college can accommodate your special times. At Ekurhuleni Tech College we offer part time matric studies on Saturdays as well as certain pre-arranged times with students. Matric part time studies thus gives students a good opportunity to complete their matric while at the same time being able to continue with their current occupations be it work or other studies. Consider joining part time matric classes with Ekurhuleni Tech College.

Matric certificate online

Another way of getting your matric if full time and part time cannot work for you is to consider doing your technical matric through correspondence or what others call distance learning. Matric online simple means doing technical matric correspondence.

You can join many who are now doing their Technical matric through distance learning. At Ekurhuleni Tech College, we offer one of the best Technical Matric correspondence in the country supporting and enabling students from all over South Afrika to get their N3 matric. With matric correspondence course, you can study at your own pace while still maintaining your own busy schedule then only come for the final exams in Pretoria at our registered exam centre. With matric correspondence, it has made it easier for most working people, and not only that, but also those separated by distance to attend part time or full time classes. Consider registering for matric distance learning this year and complete your matric between 6 months to 8 months.

Online support study material

The support you get when you register for distance learning includes study material, exam typicals which include past papers with memos as well as videos on selected courses. The videos are very helpful giving you the class experience as if you also attended class. They are given in short time intervals of 24 minutes each making them easier to understand. You can view our correspondence sample videos in our website.

Register for Technical Matric with Ekurhuleni Tech College

Consider registering for N3 Matric if you still have no matric certificate or you have been considering doing night school matric or if you have been looking to rewrite matric in old  syllabus. N3 equivalent to matric is much easier, more cost effective and less straining but still offering most of the benefits just like the normal matric obtained at school.

At Ekurhuleni Tech College we provide you with the best support to get your N3 certificate be it full time, part time or online. The matric certificate takes you 6 months to 8 months of study time. So if you have been searching for technical matric colleges, Ekurhuleni Tech College is the best Technical matric college.

You can visit our offices in Krugersdorp at Unit 3 Mogale Square in Krugersdorp, Gauteng or alternatively you can call us on 011 040 7343. Or you can leave a comment below and we will gladly answer your questions. Our email address is if you want more further information. Our website contains more information that can also give you more light o Technical Matric. Visit .

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