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Technical Matric N3 is being phased out, however if you already have two languages, Business English and Sake Afrikaans, you can continue with your Technical Matric N3 studies and complete it this year. Register today.









I have been a student for the last year at Ekurhuleni Tech. I can recommend Ekurhuleni Tech to anyone that needs to further their qualifications or obtain Technical Matric. It is affordable and they have many courses to choose from.

Jean Wessels 2017

I managed to achieve my Technical Matric with Ekurhuleni Tech. Even though the journey was tough as I had to jiggle between work, family and my school work, through the support and the study material package I managed to pass and get my certificate. It was worth it…

Anna Mabalane 2018

Thank you Ekurhuleni Tech for my matric. I almost lost my job but now I am safe. 

Maleshane M 2018

What is Technical Matric N3


Description: Technical Matric is a Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) qualification that has an accreditation of Umalusi and has an NQF level of 04 by South African Qualifications framework. This means that the qualification of Technical Matric is equivalent to that of current National Senior Certificate.


Technical Matric N3 PDF Download

There is a new book written to help better understand Technical Matric N3. The PDF booklet was written due to many students requesting information on Technical Matric N3 as most do not know about the course. Get your FREE copy of the book here


Requirements for Technical Matric N3

You can now obtain your National Senior Certificate (Technical Matric N3), by completing four (4) Subjects, then adding compulsory Sake Afrikaans and Business English as two languages. Thereby giving you a total of 6 Subjects, which are required for a National Senior Certificate (Matric). Please note that Sake Afrikaans and Business English are only written in November. Technical Matric does not need any proof of previous learning or report.

You can get your Technical Matric National Senior Certificate through Correspondence/Distance Learning or doing it part time or full time. Doing Technical Matric through correspondence (Matric Certificate Online) is currently one of the best options many people are choosing to complete their matric.


Can Technical Matric N3 qualify me for university

Getting a Technical Matric qualification is one of the path ways that can be taken in order to further your studies. The National Senior Certificate (Technical Matric) qualification can be used to further your studies. You can enroll using Technical Matric for diplomas within the relevant fields which can later lead you to study for a degree. Technical Matric qualification is also recognized for job placement where they require Matric. Universities such as Tshwane University of Technology accept Technical Matric qualifications as entry levels in studying Engineering diplomas. You can visit their website to check their prospectus. Read more on the article ‘Can Technical Matric qualify me for University’.


The advantages of these Matric courses is that they are short term (3 months) and depending on your pace and understanding and given our system of approach towards the curriculum,  the whole matric certificate can be completed within a year.


These are the possible Matric courses/ subjects offered to obtain a Technical Matric Certificate:



These Matric courses are career – oriented courses which have a key role to play in skills development, economic growth and Job creation. They help facilitate the transition from school to the workplace and are key to one intending to follow artisanal careers. The N3 Certificates are issued by the Department of Higher Education and Training and are recognized by Commerce and Industry.


Technical Matric subjects and NCS (written after 2007 till current) subjects


The previous National Curriculum Statement (NCS) new current CAPS curriculum and the Technical Matric (N3) do not combine at all. Passing part of NCS or CAPS and part of Technical Matric cannot be combined to form a single certificate. Students must choose to do one only. Read more on the article here


Technical Matric subjects and Old Syllabus Subjects


Technical Matric N3 subjects can be combined with Old syllabus subjects. Students who wrote Matric on or before 2007 and did not manage to complete their Senior certificate can add N3 Technical subjects and combine them with the subjects they passed i the old syllabus. The combination is done by the Department of Basic Education.


Alternatively students who wrote their Old syllabus in June till 2014 can also combine the subjects they passed with Technical Matric. The most easiest way to put it is that if you wrote matric when it was still Higher Grade and Standard Grade, and symbols A,B,C etc. where used for rating, then you can combine with Technical subjects. However if the Matric you wrote used Levels eg. Level 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. then you cannot combine with Technical Matric. This is because Technical Matric still uses symbols A, B, C, etc. Read more on the following to help you understand further: 



Technical Matric by Correspondence- N3 Matric Online 


The most common way most people are now resorting into when it comes to completing their Technical matric is through correspondence. This is one of the most advantages of studying Technical Matric. You can read more information on ONLINE MATRIC HERE.


There are many benefits if studying through correspondence. The articles below will help you understand more of Technical Matric through correspondence learning:



What support will you get


As we have full-time or part-time classes theses contact are conducted at our offices in Krugersdorp, Gauteng. The students get support through attending classes full-time (Monday-Thursdays) or part-time (Saturdays). Part-time classes is best for working people. Alternatively we have correspondence classes in which students are provided with study material as well as previous question papers. Also in selected subjects there are video material that helps our students to understand the subjects even more better ‘as if they were attending class’. These are 24 minutes lessons which has seen most of our students passing the subjects with good marks. 


How to register


Register for Matric with us by completing the registration form below and emailing the supporting documents as stated in the registration form including your a copy of your ID. Also included are the study fees for completing Technical matric or part of the subjects.


For more information on these please call or visit our offices at No.5 Mogale Square, Rissik and President Street in Krugersdorp


Phone: 011 040 7343.  CELL: 073 770 3028


Watch Video to learn more about Technical Matric

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