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Technical Matric is now becoming the most commonly studied National Senior Certificate for many people. The National Senior Certificate which was less preferred before by many people is now currently the mostly preferred form of study for those who do not have their complete Matric National Senior Certificate. Should you need to learn more about Technical Matric National Senior Certificate for 2017 read more below and leave a comment for more clarity?

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What is Technical Matric?

Technical Matric National Senior Certificate is an engineering certificate that is completed by doing six subjects. Two of these subjects are the compulsory English and Afrikaans. The other subjects are engineering studies subjects of your choice. The term engineering must not scare you away because these subjects are not difficult at all and does not require you to have an engineering background to do them. Many students who never studied any engineering subjects passed these subjects and some passed with distinctions proving that the subjects are doable.

Why study Technical Matric in 2018?

Studying Technical Matric has proven to be the best now considering many factors that make most people still continue their lives without matric certificate. Challenges such as time of studying or attending classes, difficulty of the other Matric Senior Certificate, long time required and other factors have made the Technical Matric to be preferred compared to the current CAPS National Senior Certificate that is being done in schools and adult centers or what is called ABET centers.

Studying Technical Matric in 2018 will be the best choice you can make as it solves most of the challenges you might have. Technical Matric can be done full-time, part-time or through distance learning. Added to that technical Matric is much easier, relevant to most things people do at work, is suitable for those working and much quicker to finish as it takes less than 8 months of study to complete it.

Technical Matric is also written three times a year meaning that you can choose any number of subjects you want to do at any given time.

Advantages of Technical Matric

Technical Matric has many advantages. Having already stated the advantages when it comes to studying Technical Matric, which include being able to be done full-time, part-time or through correspondence learning. Technical Matric is also much cheaper and cost effective compared to completing the current CAPS curriculum. Technical Matric can be written three times in a year and this allows different ways one can study these subjects until they are six in total.

Technical Matric has no requirements at all and anyone can do it even they dropped out at school, partly completed their matric or never even went to school. As long as you can read and write, then you can study and pass and get your National Senior Certificate.

Technical Matric can also be studied through distance learning and the students only come to the exam centre in Pretoria to write. This means that you can continue your current work life and still study Technical Matric without having to sacrifice a lot of things.

When are the closing dates for Technical Matric Exams?

The closing dates for registrations for Technical Matric in 2018 are as follows:

  • Closing date for March/April exams is 20 January 2018
  • Closing date for July/August exams is 05 May 2018
  • Closing dates for November exams is 10 September 2018

These dates are the three very important and you must diarize them so as to help you to plan your studies accordingly. Any request to register when the closing dates have passed will not be possible as the exams dates for Technical Matric are determined by the Department of Education. Hence as Ekurhuleni Tech College we only abide by the given dates.

How best can you study Technical Matric?

The best way to study Technical Matric is to look at your time and the pressure you have. Some study well with two subjects at a time while some can do three subjects at a time. These are the most suggested study times. However some force to do four subjects at the same time and we don’t restrict them but we tell them the risk they are running as they may fail all the subjects or get low marks while trying to grab everything. Experience has shown us that two or three subjects are the best possible and manageable.

Hoping this article helped you however should you need to get more information do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Also browse through our website you will find valuable information that will be of great help to you.

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