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Pass Technical Matric Mathematics through distance learning. The video below illustrates ways in which your studying can be simplified.

Are you doing Mathematics in your Technical Matric N3 and you are battling with it, consider doing distance learning with Ekurhuleni Tech College and get unlimited support in your Mathematics through videos and workbooks.

The videos are a big advantage if you are doing distance learning as it gives you an opportunity to listen to it time and again until the concept is fully mastered. The videos provided are both general to the curriculum and can be customised to suit individual needs depending on the challenge you will be having.

Not only are the videos simplified but they are 24 minutes in length making you get maximum concentration for less than 30minutes. Studies show that a normal human being cannot concentrate for more than 30 minutes, hence the 24 minutes videos are a way of ensuring that the concentration you are using is at its maximum.

An example of a video is shown below in which completing a square and simplifying fractions is demonstrated. The methods given are simple to understand and can be understood by any person who wants to understand Maths. You can download the sample videos or subscribe to the YouTube channel so as to get notification of the new content that we will be adding.

Alternatively, to get a full set of the curriculum, contact us on 011 040 7343 or send us an email on like and share the video if it benefited you.

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