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Technical Matric Registrations for 2017 have opened in Ekurhuleni Tech College in Krugersdorp. This year let it be your year to get your complete National Senior Certificate.

Do you want Technical Matric National Senior Certificate?

Are you in need of Matric Certificate and has this somehow affected your future plans?. Is the Matric Certificate stopping you from promotions you deserve, from futhering your studies and many other uses, then consider doing Technical Matric and get the National Senior Certificate which is much easier in 2017.

The studies take at maximum one year but can be completed even in less than 8 months time. The Technical Matric can be done through part-time, full-time or even distance learning.

You can get the Technical Matric National Senior Certificate with us at Ekurhuleni Tech College. We are situated in Krugersdorp.  If you want to register call us on 011 040 7343 or visit us in Krugersdorp.

How to get Technical Matric National Senior Certificate?

To get Technical Matric Senior Certificate, you need to do six subjects. The first four subjects are of your choice and the last two subjects are compulsory English and Afrikaans Languages. Please note that all the subjects being done are under the Engineering field hence the certificate is also sub-titled Engineering Studies. However this does not mean that you need a background of Engineering to do this Matric. And also note that Mathematics can be avoided should you want to leave it out. We have very simple subjects that make it easy for one to pass.

Technical Matric National Senior Certificate also open for people outside South Africa

You can do Technical Matric and get the National Senior Certificate even if you are not from South Africa and you leave in countries such as Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Zambia, Malawi etc. The following are the requirements for such:

Requirements for foreign nationals who want to do Technical Matric

  • A study permit or workers permit that allows you to study in South Africa if you are staying in South Africa. However if you will be coming only for exams and doing distance learning your valid passport will only be the requirement needed for you to study
  • You must be able to write two languages which are English and Afrikaans. These two subjects are compulsory and without these your National Senior Certificate will not come out, however you can alternatively do four subjects and get a National N3 Certificate that can still allow you to continue with your studies to do N4, N5 and N6 (which is equivalent to a diploma).
  • You must be willing to do distance learning and come for exams especially if you will be doing N4-N6. We have classes up to N3, but N4-N6 for your diploma you will have to do it through distance learning. We support study material and all the relevant things needed.

National Senior Certificate and National N3 Certificate Samples

The certificates below show the difference between National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) and National N3 Certificate. The only difference is the two languages which are English and Afrikaans. Note that the National N3 Certificate has only four subjects (with two Languages missing). With this certificate you can proceed to N4-N6 which is equivalent to a diploma in Engineering field.

Techical Matric National Senior Certificate

National N3 Certificate

Do not wait, consider furthering your studies. If you need more clarity do not hesitate to leave a comment below and we will gladly help you.