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Have you considered completing your Matric the easy way

Technical Matric Rewrites registrations are open for 2017 in Krugersdorp and the first exams will be in March/April for both full time and correspondence students. The registration is open for those who want to complete their Matric certificate in 2017. Technical Matric is the quickest and fast way to complete your Matric though still equivalent to the normal Matric. Not only that but it is also the easiest way to complete your matric.

Why Technical Matric

You can choose to do Technical Matric if time is a problem due to work and other  commitments and if the old Matric was a big challenge to you. Most people who did not complete their Matric long back find it very difficult to do the current Matric syllabus as it is very challenging and thy end up throwing the towel in the middle of the year. The best way to get your certificate is through Technical Matric as the subjects studied are more industry oriented making them relevant and easier to understand.

Get Technical Matric certificate and position yourself for a job when 2017 ends. Let your resolutions be that of completing your matric certificate.

Subjects offered in Technical Matric

Some of the subjects offered for Technical Matric are as follows:

Supervision in Industry: This subject deals mainly with Supervisory skills and prepares one for being a Supervisor. The modules include Leadership, Motivation, Working Conditions; conditions of work just to mention a few.

Industrial Orientation: This module deals with industrial applications which include types of industries, business enterprises, leadership, labour and motivation

Industrial Organisation and Planning: This module deals with the commercial side such as commercial banks, business enterprises, clerical knowledge and stock control

Mechanotechnology: This is a branch of Physics which is an introduction to Mechanics and for those who want to study mechanical engineering. Modules include bearings, brakes, entrepreneurship, industrial organisation and planning just to mention a few.

Mathematics: The Maths includes algebra, graphs, trigonometry, geometry, exponents just to mention a few.

Other subjects not explained are Engineering Science, Business English, Sake Afrikaans, Radio and TV Theory.

Requirements to obtain a Technical Matric Certificate

To obtain Technical Matric you need to do six (6) subjects. Two of those subjects must be two languages which are Business English and Sake Afrikaans and then four other subjects from those mentioned above.

Technical Matric exams are written every trimester meaning that you can write your exams from two to three times in a year. This gives those who want to do the certificate freedom on how urgent they want it.

There are more advantages with Technical Matric certificate

Getting a Technical Matric Certificate is the best way to complete your Matric as it is much more relevant and more industry applicable. Chances of getting a job are much higher with Technical Matric than with the normal matric as students who do Technical Matric are more knowledgeable of the industry.

Should you consider doing your Matric in 2017, then register with us at Krugersdorp. You can do your Technical Matric by attending full time classes or part-time. Or alternatively you can also to distance learning and only come for exams which are written in Pretoria.

Do not postpone your dreams and goals; it is time to get your Matric certificate. Consider registering for 2017. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave comments below.

If you have any comments do not hesitate to leave them below.