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Technical Matric N3 rewrite through distance learning is one of the best ways you can currently take advantage of if you need matric. Some call it correspondence which technically means the same thing. The main thing is that you are able to do your studies at the comfort of you continuing with your busy daily schedules and studying whenever you find time-any time be it morning, evening, in the middle of the night you name it-in other ways at your own pace.

Technical Matric through distance learning has become popular now especially seeing the desperate need by many who want to do it but limited by time and distance. This however does not remove the hard work and dedication needed by the studies, as it needs total focus and commitment.

N3 through Distance Learning needs discipline

Getting Technical Matric (N3) through correspondence is the best way for a self disciplined individual who can control well their time and manage their work. The work is basically divided into three or four sections:

  1. Receiving of the course material depending on the subjects you registered for. The material includes textbooks and assignments. For some of the subjects, there are video material available as extra enhancements.
  2. Submission of the assignments for obtaining of the obtaining of a term mark which contributes to the final mark as per regulation by the DHET (Department o Higher Education and Training).
  3. Registration for the exams and writing of the exam at the appropriate venue where you have been registered.
  4. The other option which is optional is attending for once or twice as per appointment at the college for a contact session on the courses you will be doing just to get a feel if you are on the right track. The best is usually a month after registering.

Importance of communication

When doing Technical Matric through distance learning, the most important thing is constantly communicating with your tutor assigned to you as to ensure you are always updated on the relevant information. Most of the time students find that they missed the important dates such as submission of assignments or registration of the exams because they were not in constant touch with their tutors.

When do you receive your study material

The study time given for Technical Matric is only about three months per trimester, hence given such a short time requires one to get study material in the shortest period of time and get on with their studies. At Ekurhuleni Tech, we pride ourselves in getting you the study material at the shortest period of time, in which textbooks get dispatched the same day if payment received before 12 noon, otherwise it is next business day. Alternatively we physically deliver to the client’s premises if within the local vicinity of the West Rand area.

When are results out

After writing your exams, the results are issued normally one month after the last exam written in which the student will be notified of their results. Statements will then be issued and emailed to you and the final matric certificate collected by the student at their nearest DHET, however under special circumstances the final certificates can be collected on behalf of the student by the college and posted to you.

Doing Technical Matric through Distance Learning the best way

Technical Matric through distance learning is again the best way to obtain you matric certificate which then allows you to continue with your studies or get the promotion or job you have been wanting. Do not wait again and be left behind your studies or career when you can do Matric through distance learning.

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