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Distance Learning_Ekurhuleni Tech College

Distance Learning_Ekurhuleni Tech College

When one talk of distance learning in South Africa and other neighboring countries, the first mind that comes is UNISA (University of South Africa) as it has established itself as a top distance learning institution or rather correspondence institutions as others call it. With the currently changing needs and demands, Technical Matric can also be done through distance learning.

There are undeniable top advantages of studying Technical Matric through distance learning as we will explore in this post and should you consider wanting to get your matric certificate but still limited by time and distance, this will help you get more understanding of distance learning.

Is the Technical Matric Certificate a Department of Education Qualification

The first question I want to answer which I know is in everyone’s mind is whether the qualification is it a real Department of Education qualification or what. To rest assure you, the qualification you get of Technical Matric (N3) is a Department of Higher Education qualification and accredited by Umalusi. In other words, the exams you write are National Exams and not localised exams limited in a college.

Different options for exam venues

To get Technical Matric through distance learning will thus require one to study from their home and only come to the exam centre on the exam day. We have different exam venues, but the preferable venue used is the one in Pretoria West where most students write their exams. Other venues offered to students are arranged with the TVET colleges previously know as FET colleges such as Westcol or Ekurhuleni West College. The registration of students at these venues however must be agreed between the college and student in advance so as to capture the exam centre as that preferred college. This will ensure that the Department of Education sends the right papers at the right location.

Top advantages of doing Technical Matric through Distance Learning

The following are the top advantages why you must consider doing Technical Matric through distance learning

  1. The main is that Technical Matric is a three month study that is less demanding compared to the full time CAPS which Grade 12 learners study. However this does not make it less important that the CAPS. This is because Umalusi rates it as equivalent to grade 12 with NQF level 4.
  2. Technical Matric being much easier then makes it possible for people to do it on their own from home. In other ways, one ca fit his/her time around work and home life and balancing these. As a caution, the studies must no be taken for granted as they are very important for one to succeed. Hence it requires discipline and consistency and some form of routine as you accommodate your studies in your daily routine.
  3. Some of the subjects offered have video material which helps you to listen to the lesson over and over again which is an advantage than attending class as you can only listen to the teacher one. This usually results in students who study through correspondence have more quality passes than other students.
  4. Distance learning saves time and money-and most money is lost through travelling. The student only comes for the exam or optionally to a few classes.

These are some of the few advantages of doing your Technical Matric through correspondence.

For more information, call us or leave a comment below and we will be glad to answer you back.