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Technical Matric National Senior Certificate has never been easy to complete than in 2017 where you can now do it through correspondence. Learning Technical Matric through correspondence gives you a lot of control on many different areas especially for those working and do not have enough time to attend classes. So the question is where to study matric through correspondence.

If you want get your National Senior Certificate, then doing Technical Matric will be the best solution as it can be done through correspondence or distance learning. With Ekurhuleni Tech College you can now do get your Technical Matric through correspondence learning. However you still need to sit for your final exams which are conducted three times in a year by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

What is Technical Matric?

You can now obtain your National Senior Certificate (Technical Matric Certificate) by doing six subjects of which two of these are Languages Business English and Sake Afrikaans and the other four are engineering subjects of your choice. The Engineering subjects are very simplified and do not require an engineering background to do them and can be done by everyone.

To get your Technical Matric National Senior Certificate through correspondence or distance learning consider enrolling with Ekurhuleni Tech College which is situated in Krugersdorp and our exams are written in Pretoria. With Ekurhuleni Tech College, you will never go wrong when it comes to distance learning as we are the best distance learning institute in the country.

What is Technical Matric through correspondence?

Technical Matric through correspondence simple means studying your National Senior Certificate from the comfort of your own time anywhere and having to come for the final exams during exam time. The study material and assignments are supplied to you and your only duty is to schedule enough time of your own to study and prepare yourself. During the course of the studies continuous support is given to ensure that you understand most of the things you are reading or you might be confused with.

Why Technical Matric through correspondence?

Looking at the way most people struggle every day without matric and missing on opportunities makes Technical Matric the best solution. Most of these people are working low paying job though they are now very experienced. The reason why they cannot be promoted is because of lack of the Matric Certificate. This Matric certificate has held most of the people in low positions and low paying jobs. Every time a position opens up at your workplace, when you apply they politely tell you that you indeed qualify by experience but unfortunately the minimum requirements is a Matric Certificate. This results in you being constantly in the same position year after year, but thanks again to Technical matric that can be done through correspondence learning. It helps such people to get the Matric they desperately need and achieve their dreams life.

What to do when interested in registering with Ekurhuleni Tech College?

If you are interested in registering for Technical Matric correspondence in 2017, consider registering with us. You can download the forms in our website at or alternatively you can call us on 011 040 7343 and we will gladly help you.

Register for Technical Matric National Senior Certificate today. If you need more clarity and have further questions regarding Technical Matric National Senior Certificate, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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